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Government-19: 'Total chaos' at UK airports over this year's hectic weekend - with government checks and staff shortages

Government-19: ‘Total chaos’ at UK airports over this year’s hectic weekend – with government checks and staff shortages

With hundreds of thousands of people traveling for summer vacations, airports across the UK have been described by travelers as “total chaos”.

2 hour queues for the show COVID-19 Documents were reported before being allowed into Airside Heathrow on Saturday, while there were complaints of a shortage of staff at Stansted Airport, which led to “confusing scenes”.

Airports and airlines expect this year to be a hectic weekend, with Heathrow expected to receive nearly 128,000 passengers in two days, although this is down from the pre-epidemic daily volume of 230,000 to 260,000 in July 2019.

All schools are now closed, and many popular European holiday destinations are now on the green and amber lists because people are eager to leave because they could not go abroad for months due to the epidemic.

John Holland Kay, chief executive of Heathrow Airport, said more staff would be on hand to ensure a “smooth journey” for passengers.

However, violinist Fiona Brett, who travels to Frankfurt with the European Chamber band, had to stand in line for two hours in Heathrow on Saturday, showing the Covid vaccination certificate to Czech staff who had already tested online.

MS from Watlington, Oxfordshire. Brett said it was a “complete mess” and the flight was delayed until 9:30 p.m.

“They called people out to close the next flight,” he said.

“It’s so nice to be back at 8.30 and being called from the back of the line to the front – a complete mess.

“When I was finally able to check[விமானம் மூடப்பட்ட 15 நிமிடங்களுக்குப் பிறகு]No safety lines, almost no wind at the station.

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“The queues were not by many people, but the airlines had to do all the extra checks before they could do the check-in properly.”

Long wait lists to enter the UK are a popular feature this year

At Stanston in London, Dr. Robert Bunsbach Cole tweeted: “Ryanair views at Stansted Airport are completely unacceptable, the ground staff is completely absent, rows of missing passengers and confusing scenes. #Supers spreader # covid19.”

Lily McMinn of Stanston posted photos of the crowded check-in area: “STN_ Airport shock, chaos and panic.”

For the past two weeks public transport operators have had to measure services due to the “epidemic” – a lot of staff here travel from using COVID, so they have to isolate themselves.

Airports do not say the same thing.

Check-in hours at UK airports have increased due to additional requirements when traveling during epidemics

Gatwick expects to see 250 to 260 flights a week and 25,000 to 27,000 passengers a weekend, from 15 flights a day at the height of the epidemic.

Stansted State expects 1,330 flights from Friday to Monday, Manchester Airport 958 and East Midlands Airport 224 flights.

In May, the UK introduced a traffic light entry system with privacy and test requirements for travelers, which determines whether a person enters the UK from the green, amber or red list.

Green list visits do not have to be self-isolated, however there are some major European summer hotspots on that list.

Greece, Spain and Italy are on the amber list, but as of Monday, fully vaccinated passengers could return from those countries without being isolated for 10 days, which led to an increase in travelers.

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