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GPT-4 can be a personal teacher, programmer or cook

We know about the new GPT-4 speech model that it can handle text and image input or it can play a user-invented role for it. How to use it was shown a few days ago during her presentation by the head of OpenAI, the company behind the famous artificial intelligence. But since then, people have been racing to come up with other cases where GPT-4 could help. Below is a selection of them. There is the ability to come up with a recipe from leftovers from the refrigerator, program a computer game or help with homework.

In addition to the new ability to enter commands into the form in both text and images, GPT-4 can describe the required action more comprehensively. According to OpenAI, it can handle up to 25,000 words, which is a marked shift from about 1,500 words for the GPT-3.5 model. So the model has much better capabilities and has fewer bugs, OpenAI uses the word hallucination. According to the company, it should be 40 percent more accurate than the previous model. However, it is still true that his work needs to be examined and verified.

The important thing we don’t know about GPT-4 is its size. The predecessor worked with about 175 billion parameters. OpenAI has not yet publicly described how it created GPT-4 either. Not a word about data, computing power, or how to train the model. For a direct question from Will Heaven of MIT Technology Review Regarding this information, the GPT-4 development team replied: “We can’t comment on that right now. We have a lot of competitors.

GPT-4 is currently only available for free after you sign up for Waiting listIf one does not want to wait, he can purchase the ChatGPT Plus subscription in which the new model is available. GPT-4 is also already available for the Internet search engine Bing inclusion Microsoft. The public is now experimenting with the capabilities of GPT-4 and coming up with more and more ways to use it, which are in abundance. So we have selected a few of them and described them clearly.

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It’s not that the previous model of OpenAI or another similar one couldn’t help with writing code, but the simplicity of action that the new model offers thanks to the ability to load an image upon entry. The head of OpenAI actually showed it during the demo – you want to create a website design, so you draw on paper how it should look. You can take a picture of the sketch, upload it to GPT-4 and tell it to write the code.

In an instant, you have a working code that you can instantly convert into your intended product. However, since the model is not error-proof, it may happen that the code does not work for some reason. Even in this case, you don’t have to lose your mind, even if you don’t understand programming. For GPT-4, you just need to type, for example, the error that the programming program reports to you, and the form itself will suggest a solution. In addition, if you ask him to describe in simple points how to solve the problem, he will already provide you with such a procedure.

Although said website is relatively simple, GPT-4 can also handle, for example, computer game code. The classic game Pong is said to have been created by AI tool designer Pietro Schirano with the help of GPT-4 in just one minute. You can see the result below.

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So, if you’ve ever wanted to program something and didn’t know how, now you have a place to start. Thanks to another feature of the new model, you can tell him how to act before starting a conversation. So, for example, you can ask him not only to write the code for you, but also to explain the meaning of its individual parts and why they are there.

Explanation of charts and tables

Also, when you first look at an Excel spreadsheet or some chart, do you ever wonder what you’re actually looking at? Ask GPT-4. The procedure is similar to the previous case. Upload an image of a graph or table, type in, let the program explain the image to you, and that’s it.

But AI can also handle somewhat more ridiculous tasks. If you ever did not understand a supposedly funny picture and were afraid to ask your friends for an explanation, now you can simply upload the picture to the system and ask them to explain the funny side.

teacher for every home

Thanks to the aforementioned flexibility of the GPT-4 speech model, you can also disable it from answering your question directly, and instead have it guide you to the correct answer through a series of questions in the style of the teachings of ancient philosopher Socrates. It is enough to describe its intended role in the so-called system message before the conversation.

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For example, the developers from OpenAI wanted the model to lead them to the correct solution of a linear equation in the spirit of the famous thinker, and not tell them the result right away. Then the system actually routed them and resisted even direct calls to simply reveal the answer after all.

to cook

Everyone probably thought about what you can cook using leftovers in the refrigerator. Now GPT-4 will help you with this. All you have to do is take a picture of the food you have left in the fridge, put the form in the role of the cook by entering the text and ask what kind of food can be prepared from the ingredients.

Another Twitter user tried just that, with the program recommending five recipes based on the ingredients — a fruit salad, a cheese omelet, a sandwich with ham and cheese, and a fruit smoothie.