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Greece is covered in snow, and temperatures drop to -15 degrees

Greece is covered in snow, and temperatures drop to -15 degrees

In the Mediterranean, the weather will not improve in the coming days. German meteorologists have warned that temperatures of minus 15 degrees await Greece.

Bad weather raised the pressure in southern Europe below Diomedes. In addition to heavy rain or snowfall, strong winds hit the country and Mediterranean residents have to prepare for cooler temperatures from the weekend.

“The pressure below has affected the weather in southern Europe since Monday. For example, southern France and some areas of Greece were subjected to flooding. Temperatures in Athens range between four and five degrees. Its temperature is eight degrees, which is the same temperature as Prague for example.”

The pressure under Diomedes is moving towards Cyprus and the Middle East. Turkey should prepare for more heavy rain and snow.

In the popular tourist resort of Antalya, more than 300 liters of rain fell per square meter in 15 days. This is half the average London rainfall each year.

Cold air will flow into the Middle East. Snow will fall in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan until the end of the weekend, and snow will appear in Jerusalem next week.

In Greece, the weather should have calmed down relatively, but as of the weekend the temperatures will be freezing cold. Meteorologists expect severe frost to occur in the region.

In northern Greece, temperatures should drop to -15 degrees. And the situation doesn’t look much better for the Turkish hinterland, where temperatures should drop sharply.