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Green hydrogen in Scotland benefits from surplus wind power

Green hydrogen in Scotland is an important development that is expected to increase the UK’s targets for reliance on this fuel in the coming years.

Scottish company Statra plans to develop a green hydrogen production project based on a 3 GW capacity electrolyser, using surplus offshore wind energy produced in the country and connected to the grid. Report. Report Published by the company.

The project is set to produce around 30% of the UK’s hydrogen production targets by 2030, with the European country aiming to generate 10 gigawatts over that period, according to the specialist energy site.

Green Hydrogen Project in Scotland

UK-based Scottish company Statra plans to set up an electrolysis project at Kendur, near Aberdeen, and has dubbed it the “Kendur” project to boost plans for green hydrogen production in Scotland.

Hydrogen production plant – Photo courtesy of DNV

The company wants to complete engineering and design studies for the 500 MW capacity by 2024, make a final investment decision in 2025 and start production in 2028.

As part of a plan to expand green hydrogen production in Scotland, the company hopes to double the project’s output 6-fold to reach 3 gigawatts by 2030, the site announced. Argos Media Related to energy issues.

The first phase of the project’s research is funded by the United Kingdom’s “Hydrogen Fund for Carbon Neutrality”, about 240 million pounds sterling ($297.1 million).

The Statra scheme is among 15 schemes to receive £37.9m of government support.

(GBP = 1.24 USD)

Who benefits?

A major beneficiary of the Green Hydrogen project in Scotland is Statra’s thermal power plant, which the company hopes to convert to hydrogen as an alternative to natural gas.

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As part of a framework to maximize the use of green hydrogen production in Scotland, the company plans to use the project’s production of hydrogen to power its power plants.

At the same time, hydrogen produced from the project is likely to be transported to the UK’s most carbon-emitting industries using natural gas pipelines.

Output from the new plant is expected to represent 30% of the UK’s target of reaching 10 gigawatts by 2030, but the move is dependent on the plant operating at full capacity.

Hydrogen in Scotland
Natural gas pipelines used to transport green hydrogen – Photo by Siemens Energy

If the government makes a favorable decision on the matter by the end of this year (2023), it could be possible to transport hydrogen by mixing it into the natural gas network in Britain.

In this context, it should be noted that achieving the 3 GW hydrogen production level from the Statra plant depends on the country’s ability to develop infrastructure.

The United Kingdom’s National Gas Network (TSO) aims to use around 25% of natural gas pipelines to transport hydrogen by early 2030.

Other business of the company

In addition to the green hydrogen plant in Scotland, the company is also working on producing another 3.2 GW of hydrogen from scattered locations in the United Kingdom.

Statra also has other activities in the storage infrastructure business, such as battery manufacturing, hydroelectric pumping stations and storage, and renewable hydrogen.

The installation of electrolyser capacity in Scotland – to produce green hydrogen – is characterized by flexibility, which will enable it to continue acquiring wind power generation assets and reduce the need for expensive transmission networks, Stattra said.

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MP Alexander Stafford explained that the Scottish company plans to use British technology for its project anytime soon.

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