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Grocers! Zahradel dragged the companies waving the rainbow flag for the work of Václav Havel

31.07.2021 17:04 | from networks

ODS European Parliament Member Jan Zhradel spoke about rainbow Czech Post and Komerční banka, which exclude carbon dioxide emissions in their ads. It reminds him of a certain vegetable seller from Vaclav Havel. There is still hope.

Grocers!  Zahradel dragged the companies waving the rainbow flag for the work of Václav Havel
Photo: Repro
explained: ODS MEP Jan Zahradil

“I am not interested in the huge amount of state-owned Czech Post (of which I am sometimes a forced customer), the main task of which is the delivery of shipments. I am also not interested in how to reduce the carbon footprint in the offices or products of the private Komerční Bank (of which I am not a voluntary customer), Because its main task is to provide financial services,” Zahradel wrote.

It is said that the behavior of these companies reminds him of the behavior of the vegetable seller from Václav Havel’s article “The Power of the Weak”, who put up a sign in the interpretation of his vegetable trade with the slogan “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”

“Of course, I do not want to compare communist totalitarianism with a democratic environment. The vegetable seller was at the mercy of the all-out communist force and acted in fear of it, and today’s economic entities are not in such a situation. However, there is a similarity – trying to keep up with the social and media trends that responsible corporate managers believe are It defines the ideas that are prevalent today, and they represent future advances, and therefore useful for establishing their affiliation.” The little greengrocer wouldn’t put any slogans about LGBT support or carbon neutrality in the shop window, and there’s a certain hope of that.

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