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GTA Trilogy Dev responds to fans' frustrations, says updates are already underway

GTA Trilogy Dev responds to fans’ frustrations, says updates are already underway

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Ultimate Edition Now on the Nintendo Switch and many other platforms, but it didn’t get off to the best start – fans are supposed to encounter all kinds of issues with every game.

This latest trilogy, in case you didn’t know, was run by the Florida-based team at Grove Street Games – which has been carrying GTA titles to various platforms for a decade now and was responsible for the final effort. CEO and owner Thomas Williamson publicly acknowledged the criticism from fans – with the following tweet, which, unsurprisingly, may not have been well received by many fans:

“It’s a lot of fun to see the players really enjoy what we’ve put them in. Honestly, I appreciate this unprecedented level of scrutiny in our studio. Today we celebrate the launch of our mega project. While we are working on updates. “

In an earlier tweet, Williamson appeared to explain the weight of the situation and the pressure the team was under when presenting the final version:

“As art ages, what was then wrong becomes veneration, and becomes history. Maintaining it is important. Han shoots first. One small step for the human being. Some errors should be corrected and others maintained. Deciding on the ending is a heavy responsibility. “

On the bright side, Williamson’s latest tweet mentions how the team is working on “updates” – which means they will at least be resolved. some Problems that players may have encountered so far. If you are having trouble with the triple yourself, it is recommended that you go and report via Rockstar Support Pages, where “everything is collected and considered”.

How did you find GTA Trilogy on Nintendo Switch so far? Have you encountered any problems yourself? Tell us below.

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