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جارديان: رواد الفضاء يلجأون لارتداء حفاضات بسبب تسريب فى مرحاض "سبايس إكس"

Guardian: Astronauts resort to wearing diapers because of a leak in the “SpaceX” toilet

The British Guardian newspaper reported that astronauts who will leave the International Space Station will have to wear diapers on their way back after a break in the toilet of their SpaceX capsule.

NASA astronaut Megan MacArthur described the situation as suboptimal but tolerable, and MacArthur and three of her colleagues will spend 20 hours in the capsule from the time the gates close until Monday morning.

And MacArthur explained at a press conference from space that space flights are full of many challenges, and this is another challenge that they will face and take care of the station, so they are not too worried about it.

After a series of meetings on Friday, mission managers decided to bring MacArthur and her crew back to Earth before they dispatched replacements, and the launch of SpaceX was delayed by more than a week due to bad weather and an undisclosed medical problem involving a crew member.

SpaceX now aims to take off on Wednesday night at the very least.

French astronaut Thomas Pescoe, who will be assisting with MacArthur, told reporters that the past six months have been intense, and the astronauts conducted a series of walks in order to modernize the station’s power grid, were exposed to unintended lightning strikes by docked Russian vehicles, and hosted a special Russian camera crew, for the first time. once in space.

They also had to deal with a leaky toilet, pulling the panels in their capsules to detect puddles of waste water. The problem was first noticed on a SpaceX special flight in September, when a pipe broke and sewage spilled under the floorboards. SpaceX fixed the toilet on the waiting capsule. take off, but considered that the toilet could not be used in orbit.

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