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استمرار مشكلات بريكست.. جارديان: حقوق آلاف من البريطانيين داخل أوروبا فى خطر

Guardian: The UK economy is expected to grow the fastest in 80 years

Economic Forecast Inc. EY Material Club According to the British newspaper, The Guardian, the British economy is expected to grow at its fastest pace in 80 years and regain its pre-epidemic levels by the end of this year.

The forecast is based on the success of the vaccine launch campaign and the withdrawal of consumer spending after the locking controls were lifted, and the company now expects GDP to increase by 7.6% – the fastest growth in national revenue since 1941.

The UK economy contracted by 9.8% in 2020, causing the worst performance in world economiesG7.

Despite the confusion caused by the shortage of staff at the Health Services Commission, the newspaper says this hope is coming, where workers are being pressured by tests and isolated by workers to isolate themselves after contact with affected people.

The newspaper added that the “epidemic” affected the management of shops, restaurants, factories and rail services as employers struggled to replace employees..

Although the economy has proven to be increasingly flexible through locks, a report EY Material Club With a health warning that “the future pattern of the epidemic and any updated controls related to the epidemic will have a significant impact on whether or not these expectations are met.”“.

Martin Beck, Chief Economic Adviser EY Material ClubThe UK economy is highly dependent on consumer spending on services such as leisure activities, meaning locks have had a greater economic impact than other countries. This “reopening of parts of the economy means that Britain must recover quickly,” he said.“.

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In the spring, the group of economists, the only NGO to use the Treasury model, recorded 6.8% growth. This year it has raised its forecast for the second time, leading the economy to reach its pre-epidemic peak by the end of 2021.