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Guardiola threatens Real Madrid in the European Champions in his new ways

Guardiola threatens Real Madrid in the European Champions in his new ways

Spanish coach Pep Guardiola managed to lead his club, Manchester City, to the semi-finals of the European Football Champions League, after defeating Bayern Munich in the two round-robin matches in the quarter-finals, with a score (4-1), and set a date with Real Madrid in the golden square.

And the Spanish newspaper “AS” revealed, on Thursday, that Pep Guardiola is now effectively threatening Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals this season, after he showed his new ways with Manchester City in the continental competition, and deservedly defeated Bayern Munich, whether in the first leg or in the first leg. The second leg, in which Haaland’s comrades tied with a goal for his example, against Thomas Tuchel’s battalion.

She explained that the new method in Pep Guardiola’s plan with Manchester City shows the Spanish coach’s conviction of the futility of acquiring the ball throughout the match, and there is no objection to giving it to his opponent, so that Halland’s comrades can punish their competitors with knockouts, through counterattacks or shooting from outside the penalty area, This is what appeared in the home and away quarter-finals of the champions, after they scored 4 goals out of a total of 11 shots on goal.

And she added that Pep Guardiola changed his way of playing, after he relied for the first time explicitly on 4 defenders in the back line, and the backs did not move as usual, as a result of their focus on reducing the danger of the wings in Bayern Munich, and this is what he will also do against Real Madrid in the semi-finals.

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And she added that the way Pep Guardiola played did not impress many Manchester City fans, because it lacked strength, inter-passes and speed, but the Spanish coach managed to succeed, through his new plan, which disrupted the Bayern Munich train, and threw him out of the European champions, and this is what the Spanish coach wants to reach. Semi-finals, preparing to face Real Madrid.

And she concluded that the danger of Pep Guardiola’s plan against Real Madrid lies in giving way to the Ancelotti squad to take possession of the game, while relying on quick counter-attacks, especially when Erling Haaland is on his day, and then the new idea will succeed, and Manchester City will rise to the final, if he succeeds in achieving Victory as he did against Bayern Munich.