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“Gulf 25” enhances the Gulf identity of Iraq to the public

And it takes place Arabian Gulf Cup Championship In its 25th edition until January 19, with the participation of 8 teams, divided into two groups, the first includes: Iraq, Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, while the second consists of: UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

And I made surefor the Iraqi masses Over the past few days, I have expressed great happiness in hosting the tournament in the city of Basra And the confirmation of the close fraternal relations that bind the peoples of the region, while the celebrations mixed between the various audiences present, in scenes that highlight the noble goal of this Gulf gathering.

Strengthening the Gulf identity

Raed Al-Azzawi, a professor of international relations and Iraqi analyst, believes in statements to “Sky News Arabia” that the “Gulf 25” championship certainly enhances the Gulf identity of Iraq among the public, and confirms that Iraq is an Arab and Gulf country that is linked to its Arabism and its Gulf more than it is linked to any other parties or countries. .

Al-Azzawi pointed out that Iraq possesses great capabilities and capabilities that qualify it to host major international events, whether political, sports or artistic, and that the Iraqi citizen is a creative individual who achieves great successes and possesses huge intellectual capabilities, “but what happened after 1990 and the American occupation of Iraq in 2003 is what kept us away.” about hosting these international events,” stressing that Iraq has returned strongly in the recent period to confirm its Arab and Gulf presence.

Welcome to the people of Basra

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It was remarkable that the residents of Basra welcomed the Gulf guests who flocked to Iraq, and they hoped that the numbers would increase in the coming days, and that the stadiums would be filled with fans of the participating teams, so that the championship would achieve its goals of reuniting the residents of the region, and supporting rapprochement and brotherhood among the masses.

A number of Basra residents launched a positive gesture that reflects the generosity of the Iraqi people and the great appreciation they have for the guests of the “Gulf 25”. throughout the days of the tournament.

The Iraqi analyst pointed out that at the popular level, the relations of the Iraqi public with the Gulf countries are “strong and rooted”, and no previous attempts to target them succeeded, nor were they affected by any political differences. Of course, the people of Iraq love their Arabism and their Gulf region.

He emphasized that “Gulf 25” is for all Arabs from the far east to the far west, and this people managed to overcome their ordeal to re-radiate again.