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Gulf flower - Prince Louis a copy of his uncle Prince Harry in his childhood

Gulf flower – Prince Louis a copy of his uncle Prince Harry in his childhood

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Prince Louis, the youngest of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children, grabbed the attention and hearts with his spontaneous movements and facial expressions, which were spotted while he was on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, at the time of the celebration of the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth on the throne of England.

Prince Louis put his mother, Kate Middleton, in an embarrassing position, because the camera caught him, shouting to the audience during the celebrations in loud voices, and when he heard the sounds of planes, he placed his hands on his ears in an innocent way, and Kate bent down to talk to him.
In addition to putting his hand on his mother’s mouth, Kate Middleton, when she tried to discipline him and stop him from his behavior, and he began to make sarcastic behavior and movements in his face, and he took out his tongue and put the thumb on his nose, and shook his remaining fingers to make fun of his mother.

Although the young prince wore the suit of his father, Prince William, in which he appeared on his third birthday in 1985, the audience likened his behavior to the behavior of his uncle Prince Harry in his childhood, as he was also characterized by spontaneity and many sudden movements.

It is worth noting that Queen Elizabeth celebrates the platinum jubilee of her accession to the throne of England, and the celebrations included shows of lights, and in honor of the 96-year-old Queen, and usually millions of people in Britain and the world participate to watch the lights shows.

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Queen Elizabeth II was absent from the second and third days of the jubilee celebration due to her health condition, and her absence worried the audience, which prompted the palace to announce that she would not participate in the thanksgiving mass due to her health condition on the second day, and the third day, which included musical celebrations, the lighting of the Empire State, and a race For horses, it is known that Queen Elizabeth is a big fan of horse racing, but because of her movement problems, she cannot participate, and he stated that Queen Elizabeth II will watch shows from the television screen and the jubilee celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the throne.