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Gulf News | artistic window

Kazem El-Saher receives millions: Kazem El-Saher revealed that he received 5 million pounds to appear in a television interview with Mona El-Shazly and 11 million pounds in the North Coast concert, as for the Egyptian Opera House, which does not pay Well, I paid him for his last concert last week 8 million pounds… Kazem El Saher is an artist in every way The meaning of the word is art, morals, and deserves, not a loss of millions.

Able of the Kuwaiti dialect: one of the Bahraini actresses, and she is a common denominator in most Kuwaiti series, and I thought she was Kuwaiti actress, Reem Rahma. She acted when she was young in the series “Hazawi Al-Dar” in 1997… She excelled in her mastery of the Kuwaiti dialect On most of the Bahraini actresses who preceded her to Kuwait. I wish her more success and spread.

The important thing is that you outperform him: the well-known composer Amr Mostafa released a new song, and accused his colleague Amr Diab, who He described him as “Jedo” as the face of people and sites to attack him, and described his voice as a monster and leaking his songs. He added: I will succeed against you, a new method of propaganda.

His concert determines his fate: Despite the voices calling for the cancellation of his concert in Lebanon, the singer Ragheb Alama Egypt on revive it. He added that the attacks against him were due to his obtaining Emirati citizenship and transferring his residence there, and explained that his attackers Unidentified. He stressed: “Whoever attacked me did not understand my words, and there are those who distorted my words.” He added that he is still preserved With his Lebanese nationality… Ragheb Alama’s problem is that he is only Lebanese and does not belong to any party or sect, and this is not It is acceptable in Lebanon, but if his concert in Lebanon succeeds, we will know that the Lebanese people support the idea That the loyalty of the Lebanese to his country only. I wish him success, it’s an exciting party.

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The first artist to admit her age: viewers of the “With You” program were stunned, presented by Mona El-Shazly, with the artist Ruby. She announces that she is 40 years old and she was born in 1981 and is of Saudi origin, and her original name is Rania.. These meetings are It is what attracts the viewer, but the seriousness and valuable information is clearly out of date. Nahed Al-Sheikh: The able Bahraini presenter who stayed away from appearing on Bahrain TV for a few years under the pretext of giving An opportunity for a new generation without regard to her prestige and fame was an unsuccessful decision. I stood against him and attacked Bahrain TV because of this decision. I am happy with her return, as she is an able broadcaster and a presence on the screen… Thank you to the new minister, Dr. Ramzan Ali Correcting this matter, but there are many previous mistakes that must be fixed, and I hope that the Ministry of Information and the Commission will cooperate Culture and Antiquities To transmit all the activities of the authority on the Bahrain TV channel, as this is the normal thing. Put things right, Dr. Ramzan.

Bahraini Artistic Tales – The Problem of Lyrical Production in Bahrain: During my last visit to Cairo, I asked the musicians: Do you Recording Bahraini songs?! They replied in the negative, and said we only record songs by Saudi and Kuwaiti artists. As for the Kuwaitis, Nabil Shuail and Abdullah Ruwaished only. First, this clarifies the situation of the Gulf song at the present time, many concerts without any production of new songs, And only to appear on their sites with urgency, so where is the production, artists? In Bahrain, the song has disappeared and the singers have disappeared. completely. Personally, I do not blame the Bahraini singers, the movement has been paralyzed for two decades and they are considered poor artists by rule. In order for the Bahraini song to come back to life, it must be supported under the name of patriotic duty, as for leaving it like this It is a matter of indifference to our Bahraini identity. The problem is, I do not know to whom to address my call: Is the Ministry of Information, whose officials, without shame, declare that there is no There is a budget except for the salaries of the employees or the Heritage Authority, which some believe should support production, and I I see that it is not her specialty. So it is the Supreme Council of Arts, which was established by the government to take care of plastic art. There is no specific party to appeal to it to save the Bahraini song. Did I not say that the matter is confusing and complicated… It is over.

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The most beautiful verses: From the aesthetics of the lyrical texts (If you love) the words of Magdy Al-Najjar, composed by Hassan Abu Al-Saud, Hani Shaker singing

If you love real true

I was standing in the wind

I didn’t see my heart wounded in the middle of the fire

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