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Gulf News |  Prince Harry publishes his memoirs at the end of 2022

Gulf News | Prince Harry publishes his memoirs at the end of 2022

Prince Harry, who with his wife Meghan Markle withdrew from the British royal family, plans to publish memoirs at the end of In 2022, he narrates his “mistakes” and “lessons he learned,” according to what was announced on Monday Penguin Random House, the publisher of the work.

In a statement issued by the prominent publishing house in New York, the prince said: “I have put many hats on Over the years, in both real and figurative sense, I hope that by telling my story, about the ups and downs and the lessons that I’ve learned, I’ll be able to help show that we all have more in common than we think, ya It was our origin. Prince Harry, 36, added: ‘I am writing this not as the Prince since I was born, but as The man you are now.” After announcing their withdrawal from the British royal family, Harry and Meghan gave an interview in March this year with an introduction American television programs, Oprah Winfrey, made fiery statements that fueled tension with the family. Among the most prominent of these statements, Harry and Meghan revealed that an individual they did not name in the royal family wondered about the color The complexion of their son Archie before he was born, since his mother is secretive. Penguin Random House has promised to publish an “intimate and honest” memoir that shares… In it, “Prince Harry for the first time, the definitive account of the experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that helped… The formation of his character. The memoir will be published around the world and its proceeds will go to charity, covering “his life in circles”. The Light, From Childhood to Today,” including “his involvement in the military corps that he led.” Twice to the front lines in Afghanistan, and his joys as a husband and father,” according to the publishing house.

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Last week, the Archwell Foundation, run by Harry and Meghan Markle, announced that the latter would produce… An animated series for “Netflix” to encourage the emancipation of young girls, a work inspired by Female characters who made history.