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Gulf News |  "Space Authority" participates in a training program in Russia

Gulf News | “Space Authority” participates in a training program in Russia

In pursuit of the National Space Science Authority to achieve its goals by exploiting the latest scientific technologies, including artificial intelligence and the Internet Objects, deep learning and machine learning in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and in order to empower its national cadres The young woman and providing them with the knowledge and skills to excel in their fields of work, Eng. Munira Al-Malki, a member of the Bahrain Aerospace Team, participated in In a training program entitled “Theories and Applications of Machine Learning” organized by Saint Petersburg University in the Republic of Russia Federal.

The training program dealt with several important axes that form the foundations of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the intensive course branched into design axes Programming a model that contains machine learning algorithms and linking them to model validation metrics and criteria, as well as viewing and hands-on practice in classifying machine learning algorithms and data processing techniques, including binary classification and logistic regression.

Engineer Munira Al-Malki distinguished herself in this participation and represented the authority and the Kingdom of Bahrain in the best way through the results that were presented achieved, and won the praise of the supervisors of the training program. You have completed the training program with great success, achieving the highest marks among the participants in the course and graduating With an “excellent” rate, what qualified her to get first place among a group of trainees specialized in this? Leading field from around the world.

About her participation, Al-Maliki said: “The participation of the Authority’s employees in future science courses will bring many benefits to the future Outcomes of knowledge acquired in the field of actual application, especially in the various projects implemented by the authority to serve development sustainable development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This course has given me many knowledge and many skills, which I will use all to develop the level of work by linking the sciences of the future with space sciences, and move towards achieving more studies and designing machine learning algorithms in a more professional manner.”

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Al-Malki added: “The keenness of the executive management of the authority to exploit educational and training opportunities is unparalleled. It continues to motivate us, which reflects the real desire of those in charge of the National Space Science Authority to upgrade cadres National, and to achieve the ambitious national vision to establish a sustainable space sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain.