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Gulf News | The National Space Science Authority organizes a workshop on the applications of space sciences in the field of agriculture

The National Space Science Authority organized a training workshop to introduce the latest remote sensing applications Experts from the company «4EI» Which is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of providing and analyzing images and satellite data. The workshop was held with the wide participation of a number of engineers and specialists from a number of government agencies and academics from various institutions Higher Education.

This workshop stems from the efforts of the National Space Science Authority to raise the Kingdom of Bahrain to be among the ranks of countries pioneering in the field of space, by building national capacities and sound infrastructure in order to achieve Comprehensive and sustainable development and advancement of space science at the national level through spreading awareness and developing advanced research programs Enhancing innovation to keep pace with the development witnessed by the Kingdom and to achieve scientific and technical progress in line with the economic vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain 2030 AD. This workshop also provided an opportunity for the participants to get acquainted closely with the concepts of space, its basic sciences and its applications in a way that paves the way for They have the way to a better understanding of this important sector and help them to exploit it optimally, which motivates them to Implementation of scientific research related to the field of space to harness future sciences to serve humanity.

The workshop began by introducing the principles of remote sensing, its importance, types of sensors, spectral range, image accuracy, and methods of analysis private data in it. In addition, the workshop included a detailed explanation of the most important different applications of remote sensing to serve The field of agriculture, environment and climate change, and presented a number of vital projects and examples in the Arab Gulf region, By employing satellite images and data, such as studying the health of mangroves, monitoring trees and green areas, and monitoring greenhouse gases that Negatively affect climate change.. In addition to presenting the advantages of satellite images compared to aerial images and lidar, Perhaps the most prominent of them is that satellite images cover large areas in a short period of time and are more frequent and expensive less, and it can also be less accurate. Radar satellite images, known asSAR‭ ‬Imagery» Take pictures at night or during periods of unstable weather such as storms, fog and dust.

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