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Gulf News | The National Space Sciences Authority participates in the Space Warriors Forum

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO of the National Space Science Authority, participated in a forum organized by the American Society for Space Forces Space, under the title: “Space Warriors”, in which Colonel Rob Long, Commander of the Launch Forces, spoke The Delta 30 space event, with the participation of a group of officials and experts in the space sector, and a number of representatives of organizations and bodies Selected from those involved in the space sector.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri said that the forum shed light on the distinguished coordination that exists between the military sector, represented by In the space forces, which includes a variety of experiences with the private sector working in the space sector, and Tebyan The positive impact of efforts to develop methods of launching and reusing missiles, in addition to working on devising many solutions That meet the aspirations of the private sector to reduce costs and increase the level of security for the various related operations.

He added that the speaker reviewed his professional career and highlighted the milestones that contributed to building his capabilities at various stages and needs To establish an entity concerned with following up coordination between the various parties to ensure that the launches are successful and safe. ‬

Al-Asiri explained that this participation constituted an important qualitative addition to the authority, especially in the technical and logistical aspects, as it made it possible The opportunity to learn about the future directions of prominent leaders in the field of space with regard to international coordination in the exploitation Space is for peaceful uses while maintaining a safe and pollutant-free space environment.

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