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Gulf News |  The Space Authority honors the winners of the Space Art Competition

Gulf News | The Space Authority honors the winners of the Space Art Competition

The National Space Science Authority announced the names of the winners of the creative challenge presented by the authority to students in the Kingdom of Bahrain who… They range in age from 7 to 12 years, in cooperation with the . FoundationDeftPlay. According to the results of the evaluation, in which a group of artists and specialists participated, the student, Dana Al-Saffar, came to the center The third and student Ali Khanji came in second and first place went to the student Hob Al-Maskati, and they excelled On more than 40 other participants whose works were qualified for the final stage of the Space Art Competition Challenge, It is an art competition through which students explore their perception of human activity in space and the exciting applications of space science.

The winning artistic entries represented the desire to explore space and reflected the ambition and creative imagination of young people On the Internet were various displays of space art showing the wonders of the universe created by the Almighty Creator.

The winners received gifts fromturning offIn addition to souvenirs from the National Space Science Authority. Most importantly, they gain psychological confidence in their unique creativity and a belief that whatever they can imagine is worth striving for .

On the success of this event, Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO of the National Space Science Authority, said: “I congratulate The winners have done a great job, and I would also like to thank everyone who submitted their entries because it doesn’t take creativity Not only but the courage to show their work for the world to see. We hope that they will continue to pursue their dreams with the same enthusiasm. We assure that the National Space Science Authority will always provide its support for educational initiatives that make the students of the Kingdom of Bahrain More able to contribute to the fields of future sciences. What is comforting is the way and how children and young people are responding to efforts to promote space science Being a source of curiosity and inspiration.”

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