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Gulf News - The Space Authority participates in the International Conference on Innovation

Gulf News – The Space Authority participates in the International Conference on Innovation

A team from the National Space Science Authority, in cooperation with the University of Bahrain, will participate in the International Conference on Innovation, Information Intelligence, Computing and Technology, which will be held on September 29 and 30, by presenting scientific research that harnesses future science technologies to meet the needs of a number of government agencies and is considered unique in the region.

The conference is organized by the University of Bahrain and in cooperation with Edge Hill University in the United Kingdom, King Abdulaziz University, Sultan Qaboos University, and the University of Dubai, in addition to technical support from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

The team of the National Space Science Authority, represented by space data analysts Shaima Al-Mir and Aisha Al-Hajri, explained that their participation will include a presentation on the use of artificial intelligence algorithms in monitoring oil spills and spills through the use of high-resolution satellite data and images, and a research paper explaining the techniques used, the result and percentage of oil spills. Its accuracy, which constitutes a mainstay in research and gives it uniqueness, which confirms the importance of space applications in providing accurate information in a relatively short time to decision makers, especially during critical times, which enables them to intervene to address crises in an appropriate manner.

The international conference will discuss a wide range of research papers related to innovation, technology and future science applications, with the participation of more than 100 teams from different countries of the world representing various scientific disciplines and industrial sectors.

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Source: Al-Ayyam newspaper