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Gulf News |  The Space Authority participates in the World Conference on Space Exploration

Gulf News | The Space Authority participates in the World Conference on Space Exploration

The National Space Science Authority, represented by its CEO, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Asiri, participated in the conference activities The International Space Exploration Forum, which was held in Saint Petersburg, the Russian Federation, in response to the invitation received from International Astronautical Federation (IAF)IAF) and the Russian Space FoundationمؤسسةRoscosmosThe two organizers of this year’s conference.

The conference, in its current version, witnessed the celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the voyage of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, which was founded for the beginning of The era of human spaceflight, and a large group of representatives of space bodies, agencies and international organizations participated in the conference and decision-makers and scientists from the science and human exploration community, as well as broad participation from business and policy makers And an elite group of specialists in various sectors of science and technology.

On the participation of the National Space Science Authority, Dr. Muhammad Al-Asiri said: “The Space Exploration Conference is one of the most prominent Conferences at the global level in the field of space, it gives workers in the various fields of space an opportunity to discuss Recent results, current challenges and innovative solutions in their fields of business, as well as many opportunities to learn about How to provide appropriate investments and achieve the best results through cooperation between countries, organizations and the private sector.

He added: “Human exploration of the planets contributes substantially to expanding our knowledge of nature and develops human and technological capabilities It increases the rates of innovation, and the evidence for that is very numerous and affects various sectors. For decades, space exploration projects have contributed to the study of the nature of the Earth from space, and to the understanding of many The factors affecting it, as well as the foundations of environmental monitoring of the Earth, combating the effects of global warming, and studying the factors that destroyed it environments of other planets and many more. Today, space agencies and agencies are working to monitor the Earth remotely via satellite for the purpose of preserving الحفاظ environment, and this goal has strengthened international cooperation in the space sector to protect humanity.”

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Al-Asiri concluded by saying: “The National Space Science Authority is keen to develop and develop cooperation with other bodies and agencies Space and international organizations for the purpose of achieving common goals that serve all of humanity, and this is one of the strategic goals of the Authority The main authority of the authority, and before the end of this year, God willing, the authority will have a prominent contribution to the international efforts to study One of the natural phenomena through space science, and this will be announced in the near future.”

It should be noted that the activities of the World Conference on Space Exploration were supposed to be held last year Between June 9 and 11 in Petersburg, Russian Federation, but it was postponed to this year due to circumstances related to the spread of the epidemic around the world.