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Gulf News |  The Space Science Authority is the first in the world to lead the digital transformation in the space sector

Gulf News | The Space Science Authority is the first in the world to lead the digital transformation in the space sector

The National Space Science Authority participated in the digital transformation project for the space sector at the global level, which was launched by the organization International Astronautics «IAFWhere the commission was represented by the space engineer, Aisha Khaled Al-Haram, and she was chosen to head the committee’s work team In charge of the project, after being selected by the Organizing Committee to lead the team concerned with the study of transformation In the space sector and its impact, the Kingdom of Bahrain will be the sole representative of the Arab countries in the current session. The process of selecting candidates and presidents is carried out according to accurate criteria, including the CV, scientific background, and the extent of its relationship to the subject of the research . The engineer, Aisha Al-Haram, was chosen as the head of the work team concerned with researching and studying digital transformation in the sector space, due to her practical experience in managing satellite mission projects and her scientific background in my field Information technology and space engineering, to be the first Arab woman to head a working group at the level of the Projects and Programs Management Committee international satellite.

The mission took about 6 months, during which the team, led by Eng. Aisha Al-Haram, studied digital transformation Building digital governance in space projects. This study was carried out after holding meetings with officials from a number of international space agencies and space companies. These include, for example, NASA, the European Space Agency, the Japanese Space Agency, and the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and the National Space Sciences Authority, in order to learn about their experience in digital transformation, the mechanism of its application, and the challenges it faces encountered during the digital transformation process, for example, the challenge of information security, in order to develop recommendations to be implemented Relying on it by specialists in companies and global space agencies during the implementation of the digital transformation process in their organizations .

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Regarding her participation, the space engineer, Aisha Al-Haram, said: “First of all, I would like to thank the management of the National Space Science Authority For its continuous support and encouragement to all its affiliates in order to build capabilities, acquire knowledge and knowledge, and exchange experiences. It is also a great pride for the Kingdom of Bahrain to be represented by the National Space Science Authority as the sole representative of countries Arabic in this participation, through which the imprint of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s youth was put in such a way International forums, especially in a distinct field such as space ».

Al-Haram reviewed the most important recommendations, the most important of which was that it is one of the best ways to implement digital transformation in the sector Space is the implementation of digitization and automation of processes in the early stages of starting a business or project in order to reduce time effort and future costs. Members should also be encouraged and involved in the digital transformation process and ensure that they have access to appropriate digital tools The need to ensure that employees receive the necessary training to keep pace with the digital transformation process.

As for the importance of the role of project managers in the success of digital transformation, the study emphasized the importance of the knowledge of project managers Projects on how to use digital tools and ensure the levels of all employees and enable them to use these tools With the need to train them in accordance with their level of knowledge, as well as the importance of keenness to motivate employees in a manner To be involved in digital transformation processes and take their feedback into account to develop the process.

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For his part, Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO of the National Space Science Authority, praised this achievement, as he said : «We are proud of this new international achievement, and it comes to add to the balance of the Authority’s achievements in terms of Her distinction in digital transformation and her occupation of the first place in the world among her peers, and in terms of the distinction of her young cadres, the engineer Aisha Al-Haram has an honorable record of scientific and administrative achievements, in addition to being chosen as the leader of this project, and choosing Within the supervisory committee of experts for the next session, she is the first Arab Muslim to assume such responsibilities, and the first Arab A Muslim woman heads a space mission, and also handles a space launch. Congratulations to the Kingdom of Bahrain for having such sincere young talents.”