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Gulf security is strategic and essential to the security of the UK

Elaf from London: On Sunday, Britain reaffirmed its commitment to the security of Kuwait and all allies in the Arab Gulf region, which it considers a regional and strategic dimension for the security of the United Kingdom.

In an interview with the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), British Foreign Secretary for the Middle East and North Africa James wisely said that the British government, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, wants to reaffirm its commitment to work with its Gulf partners. Security, stability and prosperity of the region.

“We are committed to ensuring the security and safety of Kuwait, which certainly conveys a clear and direct message that the United Kingdom and Kuwait stand by their common security,” he added.

He noted that Britain and Kuwait have been close partners and friends for decades.

In this context, he wisely expressed his pleasure in returning to joint military exercises after agreeing to hold the “Desert Warrior” exercise next year, one of the pillars of bilateral military cooperation.

The two countries are engaged in the task of developing cooperation in the field of cyber security, which is no less important, in our time attacks are carried out not only by ground tanks and forces, but also by cyberspace.

He explained that his country has always wanted to be firm in its relationship with Kuwait, especially in the areas of defense and military, trade, health and education. This is an important opportunity to push the agenda forward.

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In this regard, he wisely emphasized that his country greatly appreciates the important role played by Kuwait in the region through its successful mediation and satisfaction efforts in supporting regional security and stability.

The British Minister did not miss the election of Kuwait as the President of the 65th Annual General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency, stressing that this occasion reflects Kuwait’s good standing and reputation, and expressed the delight of his country’s government. Tireless search to resolve regional differences and international challenges through the logic of dialogue.

In response to the question of the conflict in Yemen, he wisely stated that the Yemen issue is a cause of concern and sadness for the United Kingdom, and that we are in constant discussion with all international partners to end this conflict. This country will be the most important factor in preventing the spread of famine and disease.

He said Britain would continue to work with its partners in the region of Saudi Arabia to find a peaceful solution to the conflict and called on the Houthis to actively negotiate an end to the conflict. Get rid of the suffering of the people of Yemen.

In the Iranian nuclear file, Theron said British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss met with his Iranian envoy to the United Nations General Assembly, Hossain Amir Abdollah, in New York last week. Does not acquire nuclear weapons, it is in its interest to be an active state in the region, but peaceful.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Iran. .

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