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Guterres warns the world against exceeding "1.5 degrees Celsius"

Guterres warns the world against exceeding “1.5 degrees Celsius”

Agreed G20 leaders During their two-day meeting in Rome to end financing of new coal plants abroad, but they have not set a specific year for achieving the goal of zero emissions Global Warming.

she was Seven industrial group I set the year 2050 as the date for achieving that goal, while declaring China Russia andSaudi ArabiaAll of them are members of the Group of Twenty, and the year 2060 is the date for achieving the same goal.

Guterres wrote on Twitter: “I am leaving Rome with unfulfilled hopes, but at least not buried…on my way (to a conference). cup 26 in a Glasgow To maintain the 1.5-degree target and deliver on promises of financing and adaptation to citizens and the planet.”

Guterres told the G-20 that “greater ambition” in reducing greenhouse gas emissions was needed to put the world on a path of (within) 1.5°C of average global temperature increase by the end of the century.

The Group of Twenty acknowledged that the negative repercussions would decrease significantly with a commitment to an increase margin of no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, but members reiterated the talk about the loose goals approved by the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, which calls for keeping the increase “well below” two degrees while “continuing efforts To achieve a degree and a half degree margin.

The difference may seem small, but the UN Scientific Committee has stressed that disruptions from climate change, such as rising seas and extreme weather, will be much lower if the level of global warming does not exceed a 1.5 degree Celsius margin, compared to two degrees.

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