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Haaretz: This is how Israel uses archeology to expel Palestinians from their land

Haaretz: This is how Israel uses archeology to expel Palestinians from their land

A Hebrew newspaper confirmed that the Israeli occupation authorities, which operate many settlement arms in the occupied West Bank, are exploiting archeology in order to expel Palestinians from their lands.

And Haaretz stated in its editorial, Friday, that “the Israeli Antiquities Authority has been actively working in the West Bank since its occupation. and delegations of digging for evangelical organizations from the United States in which I worked.

She cautioned that “archeology has become a tool for managing to push back the Palestinians from the land and to establish the narrative of the Jewish right in the region,” claiming that “most researchers in universities in Israel were wary of engaging directly in excavations in the territories, because such excavations are still being prepared before. most of the academic world, an illegal act in an occupied territory.”

She estimated that any researcher who might seek to publish an article in an international journal, or obtain funding from a non-Israeli body for a project in the West Bank, would “almost certainly be rejected.”

She noted that the Hebrew University of Bar-Ilan recently began excavating research at the site of Khirbet Avna near the village of Nabi Saleh, and the site is located in an area that the Palestinian residents assert that it belongs to them. In the West Bank (other than the rescue drilling, which is allegedly carried out for development purposes), it is another act of unnatural normalization.”

Haaretz stressed that “the Israeli military control over the territories in the West Bank, and over millions of people who are not its citizens, is not legitimate.”

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She added, “The Israeli researchers who dig there as if it were a sovereign area of ​​Israel, contribute to denying the occupation,” noting the importance of “international organizations and universities in the world, rejecting such attempts.”

She revealed that among the Israeli universities that carry out Judaization and excavation works in the occupied West Bank, in addition to Bar Ilan, there is Tel Aviv University, which has been cooperating for years with the Elad settlement association in the excavations of the City of David in East Jerusalem, and the University Hebrew” was excavated in “Horodion”, and “Haifa University” conducted a huge archaeological survey in the West Bank, and “Ariel” University was also established on occupied land, and it also worked in the West Bank.”

At the end of its editorial, the newspaper said: “There is no dispute that the West Bank is one of the rich and interesting areas from an archaeological point of view, but as long as the occupation continues, researchers and university presidents must withdraw their hands from excavations in these areas without Palestinian approval and in violation of international law and covenants.”