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Habib Ghuloom and Haifa Hussain having fun in Bosnia and riding the cable car with their two sons

Habib Ghuloom and Haifa Hussain having fun in Bosnia and riding the cable car with their two sons

Emirati artist Habib Ghuloom is spending his vacation with his wife, Haifa Hussein, and their children in Bosnia.

Ghuloom shared a video clip through his official account on Instagram, in which he appeared with the family, while they were spending their summer vacation, where they were riding the cable car.

In the clip, Habib and Haifa’s sons believed that the cable car was a helicopter. Commenting on the video, Habib said: “My children understand the cable car and the helicopter.”

The audience interacted greatly with the video, and stressed the beauty of the presence of the two children, wishing the family an enjoyable vacation.

The Emirati artist posted another video on Instagram, in which he appeared with his family riding a cart pulled by two horses.

Habib, Haifa and the children seemed very happy during the trip, and Habib advised his fans in the commentary to visit Bosnia.

While Haifa Hussein shared, through her Instagram account, a group of stories that appeared in some of them with her children and husband, and they seemed to be happy.

Followers’ comments on the photos published by Ghuloom stated: “Wide is sweet, Bosnia, I went to it last year, and it is very family.”

And a follow-up said: “May God bless you with a beautiful family.”

Another commented: “Indeed, Bosnia is a very beautiful country, and it does not take away its right to tourism.”

On the other hand; On the technical front; Habib Ghuloom had attended the 2022 Ramadan season in the series “Sunna Al-Jarish” alongside star Hayat Al-Fahd, and the work was a great success.

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The work included stars from the Arab world, including Hassan Al-Balam, Stephanie Saliba, Heba Al-Hussein, Habib Ghuloom, Hamad Al-Omani, Laila Al-Salman, Abdullah Al-Khidr, Talal Bassem, Rajaa Belmir, Bashar Al-Shatti.

And “Sunna Al-Jareesh” directed by Manaf Abdullah, written by Muhammad Al-Nabulsi, the idea of ​​​​Hussain Al-Mahdi, and the general supervision of Youssef Al-Ghaith.

Habib Ghuloom and his wife, Haifa Hussein, also participated in the series “Al-Zaqoum”, which achieved remarkable success.

The contemporary heritage drama talks about the residents of a village exposed to various events that occur in certain periods of time, starting from the last quarter of the last century up to the present day, and it reviews thorny social issues between the past and the present.