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اختراق شاشات أحد مطارات البرازيل الإلكترونية ونشر صور وأفلام إباحية

Hacking the screens of an electronic Brazilian airport and publishing pornographic pictures and films

The Brazilian airport authority, Infrairo, said it had informed the federal police of an apparent breach of electronic screens at Rio de Janeiro airport, and instead of advertisements and flight information, pornographic pictures and films were shown to travelers..

Brazil Airport

In videos broadcast on social networks, passengers at Santos Dumont Airport were seen laughing in front of screens, hiding them from their children or simply being surprised, according to the Brazilian newspaper, Folha de São Paulo.

In its statement, the Airport Authority said that its media services are being outsourced to another company, and it was also notified of what happened.

The airport authority said: We confirm that the content displayed on our communication screens is the responsibility of the companies that have advertising rights.”.

Brazil is experiencing major floods with landslides that have claimed 31 lives, including 29 people in the state of “Pernambuco” and two in the state of “Alagoas”“.

Civil defense officials said that more than a thousand people were forced to leave their homes due to the floods in Pernambuco state.“.

In turn, the Executive Secretary of the Civil Defense Agency in Pernambuco, Leonardo Rodriguez, said that about 32,000 families live in areas at risk of landslides or floods in the state..

Schools in Recife have been opened to receive the homeless due to floods and landslides, and in the state of Alagoas, the state government said 33 municipalities have declared a state of emergency due to the effects of heavy rains during the past days..

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