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Hakente Hechillema: Zambia's next president-elect "herdsman"

Hakente Hechillema: Zambia’s next president-elect “herdsman”

  • Kennedy Gundway
  • BBC News, Lusaka

Image released, Reuters

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Hezbollah has contested and lost every election in Zambia since 2006

Hakindi Hezlima was lucky for the sixth time and finally became the president of Zambia after five failed attempts. Hechelma defeated his main rival, incumbent President Edgar Lanco, by more than a million votes.

But who is the new president? Why did he win after so many years of failure?

Hechelema, 59, describes himself as a normal “herdsman” who grazed his family’s cattle during his youth before becoming one of Zambia’s richest.

Elected President of the United National Party for National Development and the leader is widely referred to as “HH”. He was born into a humble environment before receiving a scholarship to the University of Zambia and later earned an MBA from the University of Birmingham in the UK.