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Hakim presents his latest song “Ana Min” | news

Artist Hakim released a new song called “Ana Min”, on his YouTube channel.

“Ana Min” is written by Essam Hajjaj, composed by Tamer Hajjaj, and arranged by Ashraf El-Prince.

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The song’s lyrics say:
Who am I, I am in this world a guest, lonely even though I am among my people, and with joy in life there are fears, I carry the world over my head, you know who I am, I am the one who dictates my heart sad, and I laugh only at myself, hoping that I live for two days, you know who I am I am the one who fills my sad heart and laughs only at myself

Recently, Hakim released his latest song, “Kolla Rah”, in the manner of video Lyrics, and the song achieved great success.

“Kolla Rah” is written by Salah Mandi, composed by Hani Farouk, distributed by mido music and mixing, and mastered by Ahmed Gouda.

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