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Hala Al-Turk ignores her mother's congratulations on her birthday

Hala Al-Turk ignores her mother’s congratulations on her birthday

Mona Al-Sayer, the mother of the Bahraini actress, celebrated Hala Al Turk On her daughter’s birthday, which falls on the fifteenth of May.

Mona Al-Sayer, through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, posted a picture of her childhood daughter Hala and commented on the photo and celebrated Hala’s twentieth birthday, commenting: “Happy New Year, Hala, the first joy in my life and the best day, Mama’s soul, you… I wish you were. Celebrate with you every year on this day 15/5 I am proud of a successful and strong Vig I love you.

A large number of Mona Al-Sayer’s followers interacted with the photo and hoped that the mother-daughter relationship would be in the best condition soon.

Hala’s father congratulated her on her birthday – photo from her Instagram story

It was remarkable that Hala did not interact with her mother’s congratulations on her birthday, as she ignored the response to the congratulations through her official account on the social networking site “Instagram”, while Hala shared the congratulations of many of her followers and her family through the “Story” of her account on “Instagram”.

Among the congratulations that Hala shared is the congratulations of her father, Muhammad Al-Turk, to her on this occasion, where he wrote: “My little princess, do not be surprised that I call you until the moment my little princess because no matter how old I get, you will remain my spoiled little daughter every year and you are a thousand good. .

It is noteworthy that Hala had ignored her mother’s congratulations to her on the occasion of her success in the advertisement she presented last Ramadan.

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