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Hala Badri attends the launch of an art exhibition at Sotheby's Dubai

Hala Badri attends the launch of an art exhibition at Sotheby’s Dubai

  • The exhibition is titled “Black and White Paintings” with 15 monochromatic paintings

Sotheby’s Dubai will host a solo exhibition of paintings by artists Robbie Williams and his creative partner, Ed Goodrich, from November 30 to December 16 under the name “Williams-Goodrich”, and includes the exhibition, entitled “Black and White Paintings”. 15 never-before-seen monochrome paintings.

The opening of the exhibition, which was held in the Dubai International Financial Center, was attended by a number of artists. Among the guests was Hala Badri, Director General of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

The two artists described their partnership as based on friendship, communication, respect and trust. Robbie and Ed loved abstract art and music, which encouraged them to create together as an artistic duo. Over the course of five years, the two artists have created visceral, beautiful works that ooze nostalgia for the 90’s music scene; Where the music was vibrant and joyful.

The two artists showed their paintings for the first time in May 2022, in an exhibition at Sotheby’s London. Sotheby’s Dubai will be the next stop on their artistic journey, with a new group of works that build on the themes highlighted in the first edition. After using female names during the previous exhibition, Robbie and Ed decided to name all 15 paintings in this show after famous men from the 1980s; As the two artists feel that these names define that era that was influential and inspired them on the artistic level, they also mentioned that many of these names were people they knew.

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Robbie Williams says: «Dubai occupies a special place in my heart, and I think it is special for me to end the year by revealing my new artwork in this city, after I was celebrating the beginning of the new year there. This show is the next step in sharing Ed and I’s creative visions with the world, and I hope that our art, full of curiosity and positivity, will be admired by all visitors to the exhibition.”

Ed Goodrich noted, “When we first unveiled our artwork in May, we were blown away by the positive reception. It has been a journey of discovery for us as artists as well as viewers. We are now excited to take this step forward; And this is by presenting a new group of works that are a continuation of the theme of our last exhibition, and were directed to a completely new audience.