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Hala Sedky: Nelly Karim broke my heart!

Hala Sedky: Nelly Karim broke my heart!

Nourhan Nabil

locked star Hala Sedky The Ramadan drama race this year through the series “Faten Amal Harbi”, where she plays the role of Nelly Karim’s friend, who supports and supports her after the divorce decision and tries to provide her with material and moral support.. Hala Sedky reveals the details of this work and the reason for her enthusiasm for it, and also talks about cooperation with Nelly Karim And her message to every man who takes away the rights of his ex-wife to take revenge on her.

In the beginning .. what motivated you to participate in the championship of the series “” Faten Amal Harbi“?

The most thing that prompted me to agree to it without any hesitation is the issue it discusses, which is the problems of divorced women and their suffering after separation to obtain their rights and the attempts that happen to them to destroy their lives by the previous man in their lives. The work is professionally written and my role is nice and at the same time the work brings together a large elite Among the stars, headed by the star Nelly Karim, and as I said, the issue of the series and its attempt to shed light on the problems faced by divorced women in Egypt is the main reason why I agreed to work.

Some followers of the series have hope that the family court laws will change after this series is shown.. What do you think?

I do not deny that I also have the same hope and dream, but unfortunately changing a law in Egypt takes a lot of time, and most of the time men are biased towards men, so I feel that there is a difficulty in changing laws, but hope must always be present.

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How did you find working with Nelly Karim this year?

In the beginning and before anything else, I love Nelly Karim on a personal level before the technical level, and I see that she shone this year, and her performance was full of credibility and feelings that affected me, and made my heart aching for every divorced woman and struggle to obtain her rights.

Some people marveled at the scene of the divorce ceremony that was held within the events of the series.. What is your response?

The scene of the celebration of divorce is very realistic, and we have found more than one phenomenon during the last period on the social media, and at that time it caused a sensation. The celebration of the events of the series came by her friends in an attempt to support and support her after the separation.
What I want to say is that work did not invent a phenomenon, but the celebration of divorce takes place a lot in different social classes, and is not limited to one class.

There are those who think that the series contains a large dose of depression.. What is your response?

Very natural.. a series that discusses the issues of divorced women and their suffering. It must be gloomy and sad, and the viewer will be affected by every shot or scene, especially those who watch the series and go through the same experience. The Faten Amal Harbi series discusses an uncivilized problem, and therefore, of course, the events are very tragic.

Do you agree with the opinions that say that a woman must continue married life for the sake of her children, even if she is not happy?

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Without agreeing or objecting, unfortunately 90% of Egyptian women continue their married life for the sake of their children in exchange for sacrificing their lives, happiness and peace of mind.

What is your message to every man who takes away the rights of his ex-wife?

I tell him to watch the series “Faten Amal Harbi” so that you know the results of your actions and your destruction of your family’s life with your obscene behavior.

What dramas are you keen to watch this year?

Unfortunately, I am busy at the moment filming the remaining scenes for me in the series “Faten Amal Harbi” and I do not find enough time to follow anything, but as soon as I finish filming, I will watch several series, including “Breaking the Soul” for my friend Ilham Shaheen, and I will also follow the series “The Choice” and “Secret File” and “The Returnees” as well as the series “Rejein” Oh my love for the star Khaled Al-Nabawi. The dramatic season this year is full of good and interesting series, and there is a state of diversity between drama, comedy and social, I am very happy with this season.

Who is the artist you miss the most this year?

Every year I miss one artist badly, the great star Salah Al-Saadani, who I cherish his friendship with, and despite his distance from drama years ago, his artwork is still immortal until now.