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Hala Shiha in a confusing new image.. Did she take off the veil?

A few days ago, Hala Shiha deleted all her photos and those of her family from her Instagram account.

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A new bewilderment occurred in the followers of the retired Egyptian artist, Hala Shiha, because of what she has been doing through her official account on the “Instagram” site recently, since rumors of her separation from her husband, preacher Moez Masoud, began.

Days did not pass after she deleted all her photos and photos of her family from the account, until Hala returned to raise controversy, through a photo she published showing her with half hair and half a veil, as she was wearing a headdress for the winter weather, but it shows part of her hair.

Hala Shiha did not reveal the reasons that prompted her to re-post photos on her account again, and why she deleted all her old photos of herself and her children.

But she contented herself with writing a mysterious word in English, “Evolving”, which means in Arabic under development, as a comment on the published photo. Is she still looking for a new suitable form for her?

Some attacked her severely because of what she was doing and stigmatized her for the vibration of her personality, as she appears sometimes wearing the hijab and sometimes without it, while others supported her and expressed their admiration for the new image and appearance.

Hala has not yet spoken about her husband, Moez Masoud, and has the separation already occurred between them, especially since she deleted all his photos, while her photo remains on his personal account.

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She did not explain a solution to what she has been doing recently, and whether she intends to return to acting again, or has she been satisfied with what she has presented in the past years.