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Hala Shiha’s father attacks his daughter and apologizes to Tamer Hosni – Fikrun wa Fann

The plastic artist, Ahmed Shiha, the father of the artist, Hala Shiha, attacked his daughter due to the conflict between her and the singer Tamer Hosni because of the video clip “Bahebak” from the movie “Mesh Ana”.

Hala had sparked widespread controversy this morning with her statements against Tamer, with whom she co-starred in his last movie, to show scenes in the video clip that she demanded not be shown.

And she said, through her personal account on “Instagram”: “I was very surprised by the release of a clip that combines separate scenes from the movie, and in the days of Dhul-Hijjah, blessed days. Wood.”

And she added: “We can succeed by the standards of the world, but believe me by the standards of our Lord, we did not and will not succeed, I know and am sure that my colleagues are good, but unfortunately the sedition of fame and success does not allow us to see and measure things right.”

Al-Dustour newspaper reported that he contacted the artist’s father, Ahmed Shiha, who expressed his anger towards his daughter and what she does and says, stressing that these actions put her family in an embarrassing situation.

Ahmed said: “I would like to congratulate Tamer Hosni for the movie “Mesh Anna”, all the people who watched him thanked him, and Hala was one hundred percent mistaken in her speech.”

He added: “Why did this talk like this about the movie and its hero Tamer Hosni? I remember when the movie was shown to her, she was very happy, and she talked to me in all its details, and she did not object to anything .. Why this talk now.”

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He expressed his sadness over his daughter’s speech, explaining that her mistake this time was very big, and that her mother was sick and collapsed when she learned what she had written..