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Odvolaná republikánská kongresmanka Liz Cheney.

HalaSet Kritika Tromba? Pro takov nen v ele Republikn msto, kongresmanka Cheneyov byla odvolna | SVT

Washington According to participants, the Republican Representative in the middle of Parliament sacked Representative Liz Cheney of the third highest position in the parliamentary hierarchy of the party. Noting that some of the contestants had been released, the US media reported this. In recent weeks, Cheneyov has criticized former President Donald Trump, who still wields powerful influence in the Republican Party.

The leadership of the republic in Senmoven claimed that the deputy was undermining party unity. Cheney appealed the appeal, saying it was in her power to prevent Trump’s eventual return to the Ballroom home.

According to the Associated Press, the move against Cheney’s concussion in political Carrie remains steep. The congresswoman was the highest-ranking Republican woman in Congress and the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney. Its chain of ousted watchers considers this evidence that speaking out against Trump will be on Likvidan’s Republican Party Day.

Republican voters decided to nullify Cheney in 20 minutes. In recent days, the party leadership in Sunmoven has tended to topple him, because his loud intervention against Trump would, they say, undermine the unity of the republic and thus their efforts to win the five-year congressional elections.

A number of equal Republicans agree with a close ally of Trump and Vice President Lindsey Graham, who states that Trump’s Republican loyalty is so strong that without him, the party cannot succeed.

However, Chenyov refused to change her positions and rhetoric even after her removal from her high position. I will do my best to ensure that the former president does not come close to work, she said after the vote that the president should respect the American state. According to them, the Republican Party is also suffering from the fact that it is condoning Trump’s election fraud.

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On Wednesday, Trump wrote on his website, out loud shortly after, that it was Cheney who had conquered them, as a human being. The former president, with only a congressman position, continued to assist Democrats to criticize the republics.

Cheneyoff was one of ten Republicans who voted in January to impose government strikes on Trump for his role in the congressional riots that killed five people. For this, she was severely criticized by some of her party colleagues, and the first attempt to reject the party hierarchy grew in the burrow. Since then, the portfolio has not slowed down with its critical issues, and over time it has lost the support of the entire party leadership in Senmofen.

The Republican congresswoman will be replaced primarily by Elise Stefanikov, who joined the House of Representatives in 2015 at the age of 30 as the youngest elected member of Congress. In his early years in Washington, Stephanikov took a firm and moderate stance, but over time he became an ardent supporter of Trump and also released his baseless allegations of fraud in the presidential election in November. It was not clear when the Republicans would decide to occupy the empty city.

The Cheney, who was then a member of the House of Representatives and two of her, announced that she wanted to be re-elected within a year. Trump has said her home in Wyoming is a stable Republican bat, and has said he will be contesting a Republican primary against him, and he will be in a strong position to prevent Cheney from winning another seat.

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