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Halilhodzic after his dismissal: Is he a victim of his stubbornness?

Halilhodzic after his dismissal: Is he a victim of his stubbornness?

Halilhodzic’s trip with Morocco ended months before the Qatar World Cup (Fadel Sana/Getty)

As it was expected for a long time, the Moroccan Federation dispensed for football About Bosnian coach Vahid Halilhodzic 100 days ago Qatar World CupTo become the first coach in the history of world football to qualify 3 teams to the World Cup and not lead them in the finals after Côte d’Ivoire and Japan, which raises questions about the reasons that lead the aforementioned federations to dismiss the same coach in the same circumstances, and whether the problem is Halilhodzic or In the football federations that delegated him, or in the similarity of circumstances and factors that lead each time to the same result, and why did the Bosnian not memorize the lesson from his previous experiences, especially since participating in the World Cup is the dream of every coach, regardless of his level, nationality and the team he leads? While the question that is repeated every time is: How did Vahid Halilhodzic remain at the head of the Algerian national team in the World Cup in Qatar?

The divorce was expected, despite the unusual concession to the Bosnian coach, who agreed a while ago for the return of Ajax Amsterdam player Nassir Mazraoui, Marseille striker Amin Harith and Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, the top scorer of the Saudi Federation. Chelsea striker Hakim Ziyech returns, as long as Halilhodzic is at the head of the Moroccan national team, which is what has been achieved for him now. Was the decision right, late, or wrong? Was the problem really with the coach, or with the players he decided to dispense with, whether for technical or disciplinary reasons?

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After Morocco qualified for the World Cup in Qatar at the end of last March, I contacted Halilhodzic to check on him and inquire about his condition due to the friendship that we have had for years. to work with any other union and bear all the consequences.”

He added in his speech: “I know that they will dismiss me before the World Cup, but I will not resign, and it is enough for me that I led four teams to the World Cup finals,” which means that what happened to him was expected by him, and in all the Moroccan media and football circles that were waiting every time for the decision that It seems that he is five months behind schedule, which may have negative repercussions on the Moroccan team’s preparations for the World Cup in Qatar, especially that the misunderstanding reached its climax due to the Bosnian’s stubbornness in his attitudes towards some of the team’s stars and the interventions of the head of the Moroccan Federation in the coach’s work.

Some analysts believe that the repetition of scenarios for the dismissal of coach Halilhodzic from coaching the teams with which he qualified for the World Cup finals with almost the same shape and reasons, means that the problem lies in the man who was expelled by the Ivorian Federation in 2010, and the Japanese in 2018, because of his mistreatment of the stars of the two teams in the assessment of officials, While the Bosnian did not compromise with commitment and discipline, he was almost exposed to the same scenario with Algeria when he dispensed with Karim Ziani, who was the first star of the Algerian team in 2014, but some mediators intervened and persuaded the president of the Algerian Federation at the time to stand with his coach and accompany him in his decisions that he challenged Even the media and football fans in Algeria, but he managed to reach the second round of the World Cup in Brazil.

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Bosnian Halilhodzic left and became the record holder in the number of times he qualified for the World Cup without participating in three of them, and only one presence with the Algerian national team in the World Cup in Brazil, and making way for the African Champions League champion, Moroccan Wydad coach, Walid Rekraki, the most prominent candidate to succeed him In a complex and difficult task due to lack of time, but it is not impossible, given the talents and capabilities of the Moroccan national team.