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"Halloween"...the story of the beginning of the annual Halloween

“Halloween”…the story of the beginning of the annual Halloween

And back out day Halloweenwhich falls on October 31 each year, to an ancient Irish festival, hundreds of years ago.

According to the “History” website, the origin of Halloween dates back to the “Swain” festival in the Irish Celtic civilization two thousand years ago, where they celebrated the new year on the first of November.

In Celtic beliefs, October 31 marks the last day of summer, before the onset of the gloomy winter, the day the dead come to earth, according to their beliefs.

To celebrate this day, residents held an exorcism, lit fires and made offerings, and wore masks and costumes, and it became an annual event.

Halloween festivities are enhanced by United Stateespecially when the Irish emigrated in the nineteenth century, who practiced ritual celebrations in America.

And soon the Americans followed the Irish rituals in celebration, as the celebration spread in separate areas of the country, and it became a kind of family gathering in the neighborhoods.

In the thirties, Halloween turned into a fun and social celebration, and completely abandoned its spiritual and religious inclination, as children were included in the celebrations, to include the rituals of children wandering around the neighborhoods and obtaining sweets from homes.

The pumpkin fruit is one of the most prominent symbols of this celebration today, because this fruit was in the harvest season in the United States in the fall, which prompted people to use it in the celebration, digging the fruit and turning it into frightening shapes.

Halloween became a complete phenomenon when it entered the world of American cinema, which produced many films about this holiday, some of which were characterized by horror.

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