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Halo Infinite Battle Pass now awards XP for playing every match

infinite auraThe battle pass is always a source of frustration For many players but developer 343 Industries is not finished yet Jealous immediately. On Tuesday, in the latest update to the multiplayer reward system, the developer announced that players will now get experience to play a certain number of matches each day.

after, after infinite auraIn the new update, players will now get XP for the first six matches they play each day, with the biggest reward given for playing just one match. This is designed to ensure that players can start each of their gaming sessions with a huge bonus, 343 Industries Halo Community Manager John Junyszek, Explained on Twitter.

Junyszek also submitted a file Detailed statement How much XP players can expect to earn per match:

  • Part 1 = 300 XP
  • Part Two = 200 XP
  • 3rd part = 200 XP
  • Fourth part = 100 XP
  • Fifth part = 100 XP
  • Sixth part = 100 XP
  • Seventh + game = 50 experience
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