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Hamáček announced that he would not fly to Moscow due to government measures

Hamáček announced that he would not fly to Moscow due to government measures

Updates: 17.04.2021 11:52

PRAGUE – Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamachik (CSSD) announced today that he will not make his scheduled trip to Moscow early next week due to the need for him to participate in Monday’s cabinet meeting. He stated that he agreed on this matter with Prime Minister André Babis (yes) on Friday. On Friday, the prime minister said he had not recommended Hamashik to travel to Moscow. In addition to the Ministry of the Interior, Hamashik now runs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Regarding my planned trip to Moscow – yesterday we agreed with the prime minister that it is necessary for me to participate in the cabinet meeting on Monday,” Hamashik said today. Twitter. Validity of Hamáek’s inference hereinafter the answers He questioned, among others, the head of the opposition KDU-ČSL Marian Jurečka.

In addition to the Czech government meeting, a video conference of EU foreign ministers was also announced on Monday. They should address, among other things, the tense situation in Ukraine, whose eastern border has recently been the focus of Russian forces. In this context, Kiev warned of the danger of Russian armed aggression, and Moscow claimed that it only protects its security. The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was still under the leadership of Hamacik’s predecessor, Tomáš Petriek (ČSSD), expressed its support for Ukraine and its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In Moscow, Hamáček wanted to negotiate the possibility of delivery of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine after it had been approved by the European Medicines Agency. In recent days, Babish has repeatedly stated that he does not approve of the trip. Hamashak advised against going to Moscow, as this is not the right time. “Vaccines are not on Mr. Hamashik’s agenda and the road is not ideal,” Babisch said in an interview with Blisk on Thursday. According to him, the Czech Republic can get 300,000 doses of the Russian Covid vaccine almost immediately, but it is awaiting approval by the European Union.

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According to the agenda for Monday’s cabinet meeting, Hamashak is not presenting any law or regulation on behalf of the ministries he runs. Nevertheless, he is concerned with the proposals entrusted to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Civil Service Affairs, in cooperation with the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

Former President of the Slovak Parliament Andrei Danko was to be part of Hamachik’s delegation in Moscow. According to his statement to Deník N, Hamachik was scheduled to meet with Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov in Moscow. The opposition also criticized your enthusiasm. She reminded, among other things, that the supporters of the fifth vaccination against Sputnik include President Milos Zeman, who this week succeeded in requesting the removal of Terzik from the post of Foreign Minister. Zeman Hamashik has been temporarily assigned to run the ministry, and on Wednesday he will appoint Jakob Kulhanek (CSSD) as minister.

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