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Hamas bombed Israeli airports, and Gaza again

Hamas bombed Israeli airports, and Gaza again

According to The Times of Israel, sirens of rocket fire sounded from the coastal cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon, as well as in central Israeli cities and even in the north in Rehovot and Palmasin. Hamas said that it attacked Israeli military airfields: “The bases that the Qassam Brigades targeted were Shukur, Gasirim, Nevatim, Tel Nof, Balmashim, and Ramon.”

The rocket fire began around 8 pm and continued until 2 am. There were no reports of damage or injuries anywhere, not even at the bases. The Iron Dome system has repeatedly hit missiles. The shooting resumed around five in the morning.

Raids on Gaza

Israeli warplanes raided the Strip throughout the night. According to Palestinian sources, the attacks killed a number of people and wounded many. In the evening hours, the air force attacked six bombers and a Hamas cell launched mortar shells from a school campus in Gaza.

Ceasefire negotiations

France stated that it had submitted a new, stronger ceasefire proposal to the Security Council in cooperation with Egypt and Jordan. The question is how the United States will react to it, and whether it will not use its veto power.

Egypt continues its efforts to broker a ceasefire. It was unclear if it would be reached as of Thursday morning.

Clashes in Israel

Hundreds of Palestinians burned tires and threw stones at Nablus, Bethlehem and Hebron. In Jerusalem, water cannons were used against protesters in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. In this neighborhood, four Arab families will be evicted from a house owned by a Jewish owner. There were also skirmishes at the Damascus Gate at the entrance to the Old City walls in Jerusalem.

The rockets were fired at Israel on Monday. Hamas claims that this was due to violent clashes between Palestinians and Jews in Israel.