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Hamic's claims about Czech reporters in Russia acknowledged by Fischer and Kobsa - 24T24 - Czech television

Hamic’s claims about Czech reporters in Russia acknowledged by Fischer and Kobsa – 24T24 – Czech television

Russia has added the Czech Republic to its list of non-aligned countries. Except for the Czech Republic, the only country in it is the United States. Kobza, vice-chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, pointed out that the list did not speak openly about hostile countries. “We don’t know what that means. What impact it will have on our people, on our companies,” he said.

According to former Foreign Minister Petty, it is necessary to keep a cool head in this situation; According to him, Serb-Russian relations were “fundamentally paralyzed” before the eruption of the Vrbětice case. “We need to believe in the fact that we are members of the EU, moving the debate towards EU territory and looking for a common way to counter some influential measures in Europe,” Bedek said.

The former head of the ministry will not respond to Washington’s inclusion in the next list, and according to him, Chekhov should not rush to re-establish relations with Russia. “We need to convince our allies of what Russia really is. I think it’s going well. There has been a shift in perceptions of Russia and China in the EU in recent years,” Bedek said. However, Kobza disagreed, saying that it was a matter of bilateral relations.

Hamic’s words about Czech reporters in Russia took both Fischer and Kobza by surprise

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharov said on Wednesday that Moscow expects Czech officials to answer questions about the activities of Czech special services in the federation. The Interior Minister previously spoke about the withdrawal of security services from Russia.

“We sat in the Ministry of the Interior at night, we sat there with the heads of the secret services, we did everything we could to make sure that the people (…) did not have special or car, so the Russian side does not know about them, they will disappear in peace, because they will not be threatened with deportation,” Hamek said. Said a while ago.

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Fischer, the former ambassador to France, was surprised by the remarks, and he wants to deal with reports in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, of which Fischer is chairman. However, Hamek repeatedly apologized for his participation.

Kobza expressed a similar view. “This is something a government member and interior minister should never say. In all countries, everyone knows that reporters from other countries are active, but it’s hard to admit, even to the media, that this is really beyond the margins,” Kobza said.

Fischer agrees with Pete that Cecia should not rush into its actions in this situation. “Patience should be the shield,” he said in questions. Instead, Russia should apologize for its actions and agree to pay compensation.

Foreign Minister Jacob Gulhenek (CSSD), who has repeatedly refused to take part in questions about Weklav Moravek, spoke about Czech-Russian relations on Theresa Domonkov’s party program on CNN Prima News. “It is an illusion to believe that in the future we will resolve those relationships in some way,” Gulhenek outlined. For him, however, there is a need to discuss relationships in the future. It therefore wants to organize roundtables to discuss their future structure with the participation of all political parties.

Committee calls on ministers to prepare a scenario to close embassies in Brno and Karlovy Vary

In the case of Vrbětice, according to Kobza, there is no evidence in it, and according to him, no criminal proceedings have been instituted. However, this information cannot be verified as categorized. However, according to Fischer, if the Czech cabinet declares that there is only one investigative version of the events, it should stand in support of the Republican government, which President Milos Zeman did not do. Instead, he talks about further trial versions, which, according to Fischer, were used by Russia.

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“But the president of the Republic is not an independent investigator, he gives a glimpse into what is going on. The Vrbětice case is a very serious security and foreign policy crisis. In it, the president must speak with one voice and support the government, as both chambers of parliament have done,” Fischer said.

In response to the president’s actions, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution, among other things, that his agenda in Russia had been discussed in the past by someone without a security clearance and had a formal agreement with the president’s office. This is especially true for Martin Nejetley, the state president’s adviser in the energy sector who holds a diplomatic passport.

According to Fischer, this passport must be taken from Nigetl. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government. Kobza also agreed with this approach. “I will push for greater coordination in foreign policy relations between the government and the office of the President,” he said.

Senators are demanding an analysis of the consequences of adding the Czech Republic to its list of allies against Russia by the end of June. According to the resolution, the interior and foreign ministers should also prepare for the closure of embassies in Brno and Karlovy Vary for security reasons.

The two envoys who were about to leave Chekhov are said to have gone to Karlovy Vary

As part of the reactions to the events of the Vrbětice case, deportation has already taken place. This week, the number of staff at the Russian embassy in Prague and the Czech embassy in Moscow was to be adjusted, and seven ambassadors and 25 executive staff are due to serve in the domestic metropolis from June. However, according to the servers and Aktuálně.cz, two people who were about to leave the Czech Republic were transferred from the embassy to the embassy in Karlovy Vary.

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According to Kobza, he has no further information about the transfer, but Minister Gulhenek should call the Russian ambassador. However, with a large number of Czechs in Russia and Russians in the Czech Republic, the number of workers should not be further affected.

“With tens of thousands of people, reducing the numbers on both sides puts a huge burden on workers and slows down the agenda,” Kobza said. “It would not be wise to push further,” he added.

The Foreign Ministry is preparing to change 52 diplomatic posts in two years

However, these changes will come with Czech embassies in other countries. According to a newcomer to Hospodaske, the government has recalled 21 Czech ambassadors, most of whom had already approved a secret rule for their heirs. The Foreign Ministry has confirmed to Czech television that it is preparing a transfer this year for 26 posts of extraordinary and recognized diplomats and another 26 in 2022. However, the circuit declined to provide a list of locations.

However, there are speculations about the impact of the Prague fort on the filling of the posts, the president was to be pushed to the conclusion of the current ambassador to Austria Ivana Cervenkova, and he will push his candidate for ambassador to Ukraine. “The filling of ambassadorial posts is always subject to government discussion with the president’s office in the end. The president must confirm the government’s plans,” Bedek commented.