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Hamidzic: I will talk to Laporta about Lewandowski's comments

Hamidzic: I will talk to Laporta about Lewandowski’s comments

Mohammed Thabet

Posted on: Sunday, July 31, 2022 – 12:43 PM | Last update: Sunday, July 31, 2022 – 12:43 PM

Bayern Munich sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic expressed his dissatisfaction with the statements of the Polish striker, Robert Lewandowski, the former Bavarian team and the current Barcelona, ​​stressing that he will speak with Joan Laporta, president of the Blaugrana, about the incident.

Lewandowski moved to Barcelona from Bayern Munich in the current summer transfer period after a great deal of trouble due to the Bavarian team’s adherence to his continuation, but the Polish desire settled matters after his insistence on leaving for the Blaugrana, in a deal that cost the Catalan team approximately 45 million euros.

Lewandowski faced accusations of betraying Bayern Munich after his insistence on leaving, which prompted the Polish to come out and respond to these allegations, describing them as false in statements to the American network “ESPN”, saying: “I feel like I am in the right place, what happened in the past few weeks before I left Bayern Munich was politically.”

He added: “The club tried to find a fight to justify my sale because maybe it was difficult for them to explain it to the fans, and for me I have to accept it even if a lot of lies were said about me, there were some right things that spread but I know the fans are still very supportive of me even right Now”.

He continued: “Some people do not tell the truth, but I prefer to be clear and honest, maybe this is a problem for some, and in the end I thought it was the right time to leave Bayern and sign with Barcelona.”

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Lewandowski’s statements angered Bayern Munich, which prompted Hasan Salihamidzic to respond to these allegations of lying about the Bavarian club in an interview he gave to the German newspaper “Bild”, saying: “I can’t understand it at all, my father taught me that when you leave somewhere you don’t close the door. Never behind you, he’s on his way to do just that.”

“I will definitely talk to Juan Laporta about it the next time we see each other.”