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Hamriyah Municipality introduces the procedures for obtaining the "blue flag" accreditation

Hamriyah Municipality introduces the procedures for obtaining the “blue flag” accreditation

On Wednesday, the Hamriyah Municipality received a delegation from the municipality of Kalba, which, during the visit, briefed it on the procedures it has recently taken to meet the requirements of the Global Blue Flag Program.
The visit comes with the aim of continuing to obtain the blue flag on the beaches of the Emirate of Sharjah, in light of the keenness of those in charge of the beach in Kalba city, to benefit from and simulate the experience to complete the qualification requirements and grant procedures.
Mubarak Rashid Al Shamsi, Director of Hamriyah Municipality, reviewed for the visiting delegation the most prominent working mechanisms of the specialized committees, administrative and technical preparations, and how to harness the potential and efforts to meet strict standards related to water quality, environmental systems, environmental management, public safety and services, and the timetable for completing the standards to obtain the blue flag.
The Kalba delegation affirmed their happiness in visiting and learning about the rich experience, and their keenness to simulate and shorten it, in light of benefiting from the efficiency of the Hamriyah Municipality in this aspect, with the aim of completing these technical and environmental requirements for Kalba Beach.
Al Shamsi stressed that the Hamriyah Municipality is pleased with this constructive cooperation between the various municipalities of the Emirate of Sharjah and the state, and work to achieve integration and harmony.
He touched on the great efforts that accompanied the completion of these global requirements to harmonize the Hamriyah beach for accreditation, achieve the highest levels of public safety and provide high-quality services. He pointed out that the Hamriyah Municipality will not hesitate to provide its expertise in order to continue to obtain the beaches of the Emirate of Sharjah on the banner of the Blue Flag.

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