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Hamza Namira releases his new album, "Namra Lounge". Watch

Hamza Namira releases his new album, “Namra Lounge”. Watch

extend/ Singer Hamza Namira released his newest album, “Namra Lounge”, which includes 8 songs, all released at once on various international digital platforms.

Through the new album, Hamza Namira revives eight of his most famous songs with a different musical arrangement and includes them all in the album “Music Only” without singing.

The album “Hamza Lounge” includes 8 of Hamza’s most famous songs, which achieved mass success, including the song “Fadi Shawiya”, which broke the barrier of a quarter of a billion views on YouTube, and “Dari Ya Qalbi”, which achieved 350 million views, in addition to the songs “Ma’alesh”. And “the story and what was” and “there are people.”

The album also bears the design of each song in the form of an “animation” clip, with a story and a different situation from the other, and its designs were inspired by the ancient Egyptian streets in the thirties and the most famous places that bear the Egyptian character, such as popular cafes, the famous Groppi Café, the Suez Canal Building and Sayed Darwish Café, where the band appears. Hamza’s musical accompaniment as she plays her music in those places.

Hamza Namira said that the idea of ​​”Namra Lounge” has haunted him for years, during which he seeks to revive the concept of a “musical album” that does not need singing for the audience to enjoy, so that each song carries its own distinct aural state and leaves the listener’s imagination to live and imagine its words, explaining that He chose 8 of his most famous songs from his last two albums, “Hatir Min Tani” and “Born in 80”, and re-presented them in a musical way, in the manner of the oriental takht, linking the theme of current music with the magic of the music of the old days.

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The new album comes two years after the release of Hamza’s last album, “Born in the Year 80”, in which Namira cooperates with a group of Egyptian musicians, with the participation of musician Mohamed Ali, who took over the task of distributing music and playing the violin, and the oud player Hisham Essam, the qanun player Mahmoud Amer, the double bass Ahmed Amin, and the flute player. Mohamed Farag and the percussionist Azima, while the designs of the clips were executed with Ahmed Nady.