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Hanadi Muhanna: I almost cry when I see the pictures of my wedding, and I wish to return it, but my husband is "lazy"

Hanadi Muhanna: I almost cry when I see the pictures of my wedding, and I wish to return it, but my husband is “lazy”

The young star crossed Hanadi Muhanna About her happiness in losing the extra weight, she said during her meeting with the Gossips program, which is broadcast on YouTube, that she cried when she saw her old photos, especially her wedding photos.
During the meeting, which was dominated by a spirit of fun, Hanadi Muhanna said: “When I see pictures of my joy, I feel like I was (buffalo).”
Hanadi added that she could not look at her wedding photos, so she asked her husband, artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, to repeat the wedding ceremony or to do a new “photoshoot” after losing the extra weight, and commented: “Almost he is lazy.”
Hanadi Muhanna revealed that her father, the musician Hani Muhanna, advised her to drink coffee with butter before singing, as was the way Kawkab Al Sharq, Mrs. Umm Kulthum, and explained: “My father advised me because butter softens the vocal cords, even if I am going to film a scene with screaming, it is useful, and coffee can be replaced with black nescafe. Because I don’t like coffee.

Hanadi also revealed her childhood disasters, where she said that she loved cooking since childhood, but when she implemented a recipe, she lit the stove after she directed her face to it directly, which led to the burning of her hair and eyebrows, and to remedy the matter she used her father’s shaver to remove the burning hair, which is Which led to an even greater disaster.
Hanadi Muhanna revealed that a year ago she cut her finger completely, and because of that, about 60 stitches were sewn, to re-join the finger.

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And about the song “Sto Anna” with Akram Hosni and Ayten Amer in the series “Maktoob Alia”, she revealed a secret, where she said: “It is assumed that this was the first time she met (Salma), my character at work, (Jaljal), Akram Hosni, and she graduated. With him, and he was trying to impress her, it is not possible dramatically for her to sing with him.”
On the other hand, Hanadi Muhanna imitated the artist Mohamed Ramadan in his song “Number One” and said that she is one of his biggest fans.
In turn, Muhammad Ramadan published a video imitating his performance of the song through the Astori feature on his personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”.
It is worth noting that Hanadi Muhanna is participating in the Ramadan drama season in the series “Maktoob Alia” with Akram Hosni, Amr Abdel Jalil and Ayten Amer, and it was written by Ihab Blibel, directed by Khaled Al-Halafawi, and produced by Karim Abu Zekry “k media” with the participation of “United Media Services”.

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