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Handy with all new additions

Handy with all new additions

Certainly under WWDC 2022, Google announce Removing Pixel features as of June 2022. We’ve gone ahead to determine if Pixel-exclusive updates and tweaks are worth the wait.

In addition to the bonus of the cleanest and smoothest version of Android running on your smartphone, Feature Drops are another attractive opportunity for Pixel owners and potential buyers. You get additional features and device improvements, all bundled with what would normally be just a regular update.

The June 2022 feature removal comes with the Google Security Patch and adds Pixel-exclusive features that aren’t available on smartphones from other brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo. As the second drop feature for 2022, it also means that two more quarterly updates should arrive before the end of the year. But let’s not rush! Here are the latest and greatest additions to the June feature.

Video – June 2022 Handy Pixel Drop Feature!

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Upgrades at a glance

The widget at the top of the Pixel Launcher gets more functionality thanks to the June 2022 Pixel Feature Drop. At a glance it can actually show you things like calendar appointments, Bluetooth speaker battery levels, security alerts, timers, and more.

Google is adding more features to more people after sporadic rollouts over the past few months. After the update, you will soon be able to watch Nest Doorbell video streams from your lock screen and home screen with a small live stream without having to dive into Google Home or Nest . app On a Pixel phone.

When you use the flashlight (or flashlight), you will also get a visual indication that it has been activated or is still on. Additionally, you can click this flag to quickly turn it off without having to expand the quick settings pane.

Les alertes sur la qualité de l’air arrivent égallement sur le widget En un coup d’œil au cours des prochaines semaines, mais malheureusement, cela sera limité aux États-Unis, à l’Australie et à l’ pourInde, the moment. This mimics the function Already available for Nest Hub It gives you a score with a scale that shows the currently reported weather conditions near you.

Pocket Pixel Player

Pixel owners can get a brand new app built in tandem with teen engineering. Target? To help you create music from your videos. It is not exclusive to the June 2022 Pixel Feature Drop as it can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store. However, it is limited to Pixel 5 series and above to actually work.

Simplified registration of the vaccine card

To help simplify the process of adding your COVID-19 vaccine to your device’s Cards and Passports section, you can now take a quick screenshot of a PDF of your vaccination confirmation and the Pixel will give you the ability to quickly add to Google Pay and the device’s home screen.

This will be very useful for regional vaccination cards that may have arrived via email or SMS. This option is currently limited to the US, Canada and Australia, with other regions still able to access something similar from dedicated local medical authority apps, such as the UK NHS-United Kingdom app.

Conversational mode is coming to more devices

Google’s commitment to greater device access means that the conversation mode in the Sound Amplifier app is now available on more devices than from Pixel 3. It’s a great tool available since December 2021 and capable of amplifying speech when referring directly to someone you want to talk to.

The result is impressive considering that everything is done with templates and visual indicators to help isolate speech and annoying background noise while also applying mute.

Pride Of The Month Wallpaper

To help celebrate Pride Month 2022, three new wallpapers have been designed by Ian Bastard Now available in the Curated Culture section of the Wallpapers app with the June feature. All new designs feature bright and bold colors and shapes, with purple being a key element.

Combined with last year’s additions of Pride celebrations, this means there are currently six unique wallpapers to choose from that celebrate LGBTQ+ communities around the world.

Where is the face lock device?

We previously reported that Google has removed Face Unlock for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro before launch. Our source hinted that it was targeted for a quarterly Android update, but the feature isn’t here for the June feature. It could be that Google is rolling out Face Unlock for Android 13, and given all the mounting evidence in recent beta builds, that could be the case.

As it stands, there is no option in the June 2022 Pixel Feature Drop to save your facial features as part of Face Unlock, that is, unless you have the Pixel 4 series which is currently the only Pixel capable of using biometric face unlock.

What’s your favorite new feature from the Pixel Feature Drop in June 2022?

Unlike the March update, the June 2022 Pixel Feature Drop arrives on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro at the same time as all other eligible devices. It’s probably great to hear because Google is working on fixing previous update issues for the biggest and best Pixels yet.

We want to know if you have a favorite new feature that arrived as part of the first Pixel Feature Drop of 2022. Let us know in the comments section below.

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