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Hani Ramzy and Dalia Al-Behairy's drink crashes into a tree. Comedy scenes from "Khula's Lawyer" |  Video

Hani Ramzy and Dalia Al-Behairy’s drink crashes into a tree. Comedy scenes from “Khula’s Lawyer” | Video

The artist Hani Ramzy confirmed that participating in a film bearing the signature of the late author Waheed Hamed was one of his dreams, especially after he approached the late artist Ahmed Zaki in the movie “Nasser 56”, noting his interest in going to Waheed Hamed to obtain a script copy.

Hani Ramzy told, during his hosting of the “Ahla Kalam” program, presented by the artist Ahmed Fahmy on Al-Hayat channel, a story that his dream came true after years, specifically after presenting several cinematic tournaments that ended with the movie “Passport by Republican Decree”, to make the first contact between him and Waheed Hamed, who nominated him. At the time of the movie “Discussion Lawyer”.

Hani Ramzy stated that he went to the hotel, where Waheed Hamid wrote immediately, and the late did not allow him to leave the film papers from the hotel, and asked him to read the role in his room, and indeed Hani Ramzy began reading and was stopped by the pleading scene in court, and decided that he would not give up that role, despite The movie was not yet complete.

As for the artist, Dalia Al-Behairi, during her hosting in the episode, she missed two scenes from the scenes of the film, the first related to a valuable car she was driving and worried about that, and the irony is that her fears were fulfilled, and she collided with a tree during the filming of the last day.

And the other situation was in the scene of Hani Ramzy saving her from the Nile, and surprisingly, she discovered that he had resorted to a preventive ploy from exposure to the waters of the Nile, which was to put a plastic bag under the drink in which he was photographed.

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It is noteworthy that the movie “Lawyer Khula”, written by Wahid Hamed, directed by Muhammad Yassin, starring Hani Ramzy, Dalia Al-Behairi, Ola Ghanem, Hassan Hosni, Waheed Seif, Inaam Salousa, Hajjaj Abdel Azim, with a large group of artists.