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Hani Shaker comments on Omar Kamal’s words “Dates and Milk”

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The captain of musicians in Egypt, artist Hani Shaker, confirmed that festival singer Omar Kamal “insulted the country’s reputation after replacing the words of his song with dates and milk instead of alcohol and hashish during a party in Saudi Arabia.”

Shaker added, via “Sada Al-Balad” channel, “The union is trying to preserve the future generations, and then I can’t say something here and get outside, I say another word, and as long as you know that you are doing something wrong here, why in Egypt.”

He continued, “We urge the whole state to help the union in legalizing the conditions of music in the production of songs and plays in Egypt.”

He said: “I was surprised by Omar Kamal’s audacity that he says this, and people do not believe what is happening. Omar Kamal was informed of the investigation, and he is coming tomorrow, and he will attend the investigation and he will be severely punished.”

The Egyptian Syndicate of Musical Professions announced its rejection of the excesses of singer Omar Kamal recently.

The union said in a statement on Wednesday, “Egypt is a sacred and protected homeland that knew monotheism before religions, and the prophets entrusted its land, so it was for them a haven and safety.

She added: “At the last concerts of the singer Omar Kamal in Saudi Arabia, when he was asked about the reason for replacing the words alcohol and hashish with dates and milk in his famous song, he said (I am standing on pure land), knowing that the artist Hani Shaker asked him to change these words before because of their danger to values ​​and morals and that they ingrained in the consciousness of the young.


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