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Hani Shaker: Festival views are worthless, and pornographic films outperform them | news

Artist Hani Shaker said that the Syndicate of Musical Professions did not issue a decision to ban some festival performers for technical reasons, as some claim, and he does not recognize the number of festivals viewers as a criterion for success.

Hani Shaker explained in an interview with the journalist Ahmed Moussa on the “On My Responsibility” program on Sada Al-Balad channel, that the banned festival performers cannot be held accountable for their songs in the syndicate, but rather before the criminal court.

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He added that they present festivals that bear a degree of depravity, inferiority and decadence, as he described it, and that require intervention to protect young people, and the matter has nothing to do with freedom of creativity.

Hani Shaker pointed out that what works in Western societies of singing out words does not work in Egyptian society.

The Syndicate of Musical Professions confirmed that the number of views of festival songs on YouTube is not an indication of their artistic value, because if a pornographic film is published out of morals, it will achieve a higher number of views, which does not mean that it is a valuable film.

He continued that the success of some festival songs is fake and depends on buying views, in addition to the fact that not everyone who listened to a festival may be a supporter of it, so it is not correct for festival performers to consider the number of their views as a measure of public success.

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