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هاني شاكر ومحمد رمضان وحمو بيكا

Hani Shaker: Hama Beca failed twice in the exam, and Muhammad Ramadan is protected with union membership | news

Artist Hani Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, revealed the scenes of preventing 19 festival singers from dealing with them.

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Shaker said in a telephone interview with the journalist Ashraf Sharaf El-Din on the “Hewar Al-Khamis” program broadcast on Al-Hadath channel that the decision is not new, and there are a number of singers who took the exam and failed it more than once.

Hani Shaker explained that the union’s role is to preserve values, and he also said that he addresses YouTube to delete festivals, where he said, “We are trying to communicate with them in order to preserve generations and artistic identity, but this is not certain.”

And about Muhammad Ramadan, he said, “His situation is different. He is a member of the Syndicate of Acting Professions, who prevents him or grants him Ashraf Zaki, and I agree to sing him on stage because he is a member of an artistic union.”

And he added, “Muhammad Ramadan is holed up because he is a member of a union, and the public has the right to accept or not accept, and this is a message to the public, and the union has limits that you cannot cross.”

On the authority of Hassan Abu Al-Roos, he said, “He did two concerts in El-Gouna, and he is affiliated with a popular singer, but the two concerts were performed without a permit and without paying the fees, and he appeared in an inappropriate appearance while he was transformed for investigation on Sunday.”

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He also clarified that most of the detainees have no relationship with the union or affiliated members, and the union has the right to withdraw their license if they present an improper form.

Regarding his objection, he said, “The fault is with the voices that sing this ugliness, and with the words.”

And about Hama Beka’s crisis, he said, “This is the second time he falls while he has his projects and restaurants, and they will not prevail. The thing that I worked with them in art is doing the needs of many people who do their work.”

And about Adel Shakal, he said, “I am not looking, and I hope that people will enter and see what he offers. We have no relationship with him, and the union has no relationship with him.”

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