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Hani Shaker punishes Ahmed Saad: Do not tolerate anyone

Hani Shaker punishes Ahmed Saad: Do not tolerate anyone

After the artist Ahmed Saad penetrated the decisions of the Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt, the Syndicate announced the imposition of a fine on the artist for not complying with its previous decision regarding the prohibition of singing using the flash (playback) and the use of a band.

A statement by the Syndicate of Musical Professions, issued yesterday: “The Syndicate confirmed that it is firm regarding the implementation of the decision not to sing on the flashy (Playback), and the necessity for the band to accompany the singer or performer on the stage with a minimum of eight musicians, and the first to apply this decision was the singer Ahmed Saad. On the occasion of his performance of a concert on the North Coast on September 16 in a (playback) manner, accompanied by only four percussionists.

The union added: “The performance was in a (playback) manner, and the ceremony was filmed and sent to the artist, Hani Shaker, the captain of musicians, who communicated with the board of directors, and confirmed that there was no complacency or exception in implementing the union’s decisions, and they decided to fine the singer Ahmed Saad only 20 thousand pounds, and warning him. Not to sing again on the flashy (playback), and in the event of repetition, he is referred to the Disciplinary Council, which has all the powers according to the law.”

For his part, artist Hani Shaker confirmed that the decision is general and applies to all those who violate the union’s decisions without discrimination, noting that the union decided firmly to go on its way towards reforming the music and singing system as it is concerned with the employment of members and the development of its service systems for its members.

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While an official source in the union confirmed that the decision to impose a fine on Ahmed Saad came after the union’s council meeting, noting that Hani Shaker was determined to apply it to Ahmed Saad, to convince everyone that the union was firm in implementing its decisions.

He added, “If Ahmed Saad decides to sing using the (playback) method again, a decision will be issued to stop him from the Syndicate of Musical Professions.”

• Singer Ahmed Saad performed a “playback” concert in the North Coast.

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