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Hani Shaker with “Al-Sharyan”: I listened to Shadia's advice, and it was a reason for my success, and I am not against rappers.

Hani Shaker with “Al-Sharyan”: I listened to Shadia’s advice, and it was a reason for my success, and I am not against rappers.

The prince of Arab singing is the Egyptian artist Hani Shaker guest on the programwith the artery‘, with the Saudi journalist Dawood Al-SharyanAnd during the episode, he defended himself that he had no right to prevent an art that the audience loved, correcting those concepts that had spread recently because of his crisis with “festival performers” (Hassan Shakoush, Hama Beca, Reda Al-Bahrawi and others), and he said during the episode that the crisis is with them in the words they say to the youth .

Hani Shaker added on this point, explaining to Daoud Al-Sharyan and talking about several issues related to the Musicians Syndicate and his role as a captain for musicians, and said that he does not prevent anyone from putting up any work on YouTube or singing, but he prevents reviving concerts without the union’s approval and obtaining the necessary permits, indicating that no He takes a hostile stance towards rap stars such as (wiggs) and festivals in Egypt, but insists that they obtain permits from the syndicate in order to live concerts.

Hani Shaker recalls his memories with Shadia

Regarding his memories of his youth and his artistic beginnings, Hani Shaker recalled his most prominent artistic memories and the role of the late artist Shadia in his career. During this period, he finds new works that appeal to him, and at that time, the late Shadia told him that she liked a song called “This is how well you are, O Moon,” but that she would not sing it and asked him to listen to it.
The star Hani Shaker said that he listened to the advice of the artist Shadia and got acquainted with the song’s team, but he also did not like the song at that time, as he wanted to present the song “Classical Tarab”, where he felt that it was a light song, but the artist Shadia convinced him to present the song, The song achieved great success, to be one of his most important works in his artistic beginnings, to the extent that some believe that it was the first song in his life, and it was a reason for the public to know him at that time.

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Hani Shaker added that he participated in the ceremony with Shadia, and found a great interaction from the audience with the song since the first time he sang it on the stage, and indicated that he had learned since that time to consult a number of those close to him in his works and to present various works even if he did not like him greatly. , because it may achieve success with the public as well.
At the end of his conversation with Al-Sharyan, the artist Hani Shaker referred to the role of the wave musician in his life, noting that he was the one who presented him in his beginnings, as no one expected his success because of Abdel Halim Hafez.

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